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Staying Healthy Between the Pandemic, Back to School, Flu Season, and Winter Coming!

Sleep plays an important role in our health and these days it is more important than ever to keep our immune systems as healthy as can be. Lack of sleep can affect your immune system and studies show that people who don’t get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick and/or take longer to recover.

In a recent survey of women across the USA conducted by WomenCertified Inc, data shows: 

  • 81% of women believe a good night’s sleep contributes to her overall health. 
  • 94% of women believe that the right mattress will prevent tossing and turning thereby helping her sleep better
  • 43% of women said that increasing sleep discomfort followed by 21% who said needing to change the size of the mattress was a reason to look for a new mattress 
  • 40% of women surveyed believe that you should replace a mattress every 10 years. 
  • 78% of women stated cost was a reason for prolonging the decision to change a mattress followed by 36% who felt that their mattress was still in good condition after 10 years
  • Top sleep challenges prohibiting women from getting a good night sleep were: Back/joint pain, temperature (getting too hot/cold) and a close third place tie of tossing/turning, partner disturbance, and insomnia

Mattresses should be replaced every 8-10 years.  While your mattress may look fine on the outside, did you know that an eight-year-old mattress contains more than 10 pounds of dead skin cells and the average bed is home to six billion dust mites. You read that correctly: six billion!

I don’t know about you but that alone makes me want a new mattress today!  

Since you spend a ⅓ of your life on a mattress, it is important that the mattress meet your needs. Mattresses are not all the same.  Making sure you have a good, clean mattress is key to getting good sleep.  

While a mattress is a costly investment, think of it as an investment in your health.  A fresh mattress will help you sleep better and in turn keep your immune system healthy. 

The Shippable Scott Living Mattress by Restonic Mattress has made a huge difference in my sleep. I am so appreciative of the quality rest and sleep I have gotten lately. I would strongly suggest giving Restonic a try and you will find that the mattress is a balance of firm and soft – middle of the road. The mattress is so comfortable with the right amount of comfort for a full night’s sleep. The pictures shown are of a queen mattress – highly recommended.  

The mattress comes in the mail, bubble wrapped, and completely covered and protected. This mattress is rolled and easier to carry up the stairs. I highly recommend carrying up to the location in the box, then opening and removing from the box where it will flatten very quickly. 

The Shippable Scott Living Mattress has an individually wrapped coil base and has coil edging to provide extra support under the memory foam/gel top layer. 

Restonic has earned the Women’s Choice Award as a highly recommended mattress brand by women across the USA and I can see why!

Check out https://restonic.com/purchase/scott-living-shippable-sleep

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The Maximist’s Guide to Moving

I have moved numerous times in my life, I consider myself an expert mover.

I have configured my moves in multiple ways. I have rented a truck, enlisted family, moved over days, and hired movers.

Here is how I manage bringing everything safely to the next destination. The last three moves have been done by Black Tie Moving They are amazing for several reasons:

1. Big Bulky Furniture is wrapped and placed in the truck neatly and safely.

2. Use a red carpet on your floors to keep your floor scratchless and damage less.

3. They will pack and move for you.

4. You get an estimate while on the phone. A few basic questions and you receive a quote.

5. They know the approximate time it will take to move you

6. You can pack everything and move to a garage or inside the front door to save on cost

7. They have insurance in case of damaged items on delivery

8. You get professional movers – people who move on a regular basis who get the job done quickly and efficiently

9. They are dependable and reliable. They confirm your time and show up as promised

10. The cost is worth every penny.

Moving can be stressful. it does not have to be! A quick call Black Tie Moving Phone Number or visit their website Black Tie Moving will make the transition much smoother.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best Sale Items & Lookalike Dupes – Back to School Savings Starts Here With @trendyheidi and Trendy With A Passport

The Nordstrom Boot at $99

The Nordstrom Dupe at $24

The Nordstrom Ugg at $45

The Nordstrom Dupe – several colors $15

The Free People Mock Turtleneck

The Nordstrom Dupe

The Nordstrom Bootie $99

The Nordstrom Bootie Dupe

The Gucci Bag at $1100

The Gucci Dupe

Nordstrom Rails Top

Nordstrom Dupe

Nordstrom Pencil Skirt

Nordstrom Pencil Skirt Dupe

Nordstrom Sweater $59

Nordstrom Dupe Sweater $28

Nordstrom Sweater $39

Nordstrom Dupe $25

Nordstrom Bootie $89

Nordstrom Boot Dupe

Nordstrom Boot $109

Nordstrom Boot $249

Nordstrom Boot Dupe $24

Steve Madden $69

Steve Madden Dupe $14

Steve Madden $39

Steve Madden Dupe $14

Nordstrom Blanket $50

Nordstrom Dupe Blanket $23

Nordstrom Jacket $31

Nordstrom Boot $208

Nordstrom Dupe Boot $19

Nordstrom Henley $68

Nordstrom Henley Dupe $12

Madewell Sweater $69

Nordstrom Dupe Sweater $14

Nordstrom $169

Doc Martens Dupe $19

Nordstrom Shoe $49

Nordstrom Dupe $29

Nordstrom $169

Nordstrom Dupe $38

Nordstrom Blanket $149

Nordstrom Dupe $29

Nordstrom Viking Pots & Pans $349

Nordstrom Dupe $39

Nordstrom $399

Nordstrom Dupe $39

Nordstrom $109

Nordstrom Dupe $39

Nordstrom $99

Nordstrom Dupe $29

Nordstrom $85

Nordstrom $112

Nordstrom Dupe $29

Nordstrom $149

Nordstrom Dupe $15

Nordstrom $49

Nordstrom Dupe

Nordstrom $45

Nordstrom Dupe $10

Spanx $64

Nordstrom Dupe $26

Nordstrom Barefoot Dreams Dupe $25

Nordstrom $39

Nordstrom $29

Nordstrom Dupe $23

Nordstrom $39

Nordstrom Dupe $23

Nordstrom Fleece

Nordstrom Dupe

Nordstrom $69

Nordstrom Dupe

Nordstrom $112

Nordstrom Dupe $23

Nordstrom $50

Nordstrom Dupe $23

Nordstrom $58

Nordstrom Dupe $23

Nordstrom $134

Nordstrom Dupe $24

Nordstrom Mini Skirt $125

Nordstrom Dupe $25

Nordstrom Coat

Nordstrom Dupe $20 or https://rstyle.me/cz-n/ef8p2pcmec7

Nordstrom Jacket

Nordstrom Dupe $27

Nordstrom Coat

Nordstrom Dupe

Nordstrom $99

Nordstrom Dupe $23

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Why Staging Your House Before Selling Is Critical

Staging sets the scene for your home. This allows a buyer to have an emotional connection to the space you have. Staging your space is done in layers.

Base: Primary Item

  The most necessary items needed for the purpose of the room.  For example a bed, a desk, a table and chairs

Layer 1:  Secondary items that contribute to the function of the space

  Side tables, lighting, occasional seating

Layer 2:  Accent Pieces

  Rugs, Artwork.  These items accent the “style” or bridge differing styles with color and texture

Layer 3:  “Icing” Pieces

  These are comfort pieces and add to the luxury of the space.  They beckon the viewer to feel compelled to interact within the space.

A well staged space will have a common thread that runs throughout the design. But don’t dwell on a single tone.  Just as a song, a well staged room has highs and lows to engage a person using the space.  Find a base color and accent with both lighter and deeper shades.  Accent a room with accessories that round out the theme.   Most items in a room should be a “middle” tone with a few special accents.  Too many and there they get lost to an overstimulated mind.  Use multiple fabric textures between the soft seating, the floor coverings and accent pillows.

The most challenging area can be closet space:

Notice the space is light and airy and is mostly white hangers and is not bulging with clothing. The majority of clothing was packed up to give a bigger feel to the room.

You will notice all white (Sherwin Williams Extra White) on trim, doors, and cabinets. The walls in most spaces is (Sherwin Williams Versatile Grey) and the Bathroom Vanity and Kitchen Island (Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal but paint from Sherwin Williams) the closet ceiling is a foam green to create a more spacious feel. Paint is an easy fix to stage a house and can add a large value to the end price. More pictures to come on the before and after.

Special thanks to @nthdegreecompanies specifically Neal, Jeff, Alan, and Derek.

Check out their website Nth Degree Realty

Home Staging Checklist


  • Evaluate each room from a buyer’s perspective
  • Talk to a local real estate agent and professional home stager for customized advice
  • Consider a home inspection to identify any issues that should be fixed prior to selling

Declutter and Depersonalize

  • Go through every room and get rid of anything you no longer want or need
  • When in doubt, choose neutral colors: white bath towels, white bedding
  • Depersonalize the décor 
  • Remove wallpaper, popcorn ceilings, and outdated carpet
  • Less visual clutter – bookshelves a few select items 
  • Pack away family photos,  certifications, toys, kids art, and pet supplies
  • Remove bulky furniture
  • Keep blinds open during a showing; natural light always
  • Clean the house thoroughly


  • Clean the interior of the cabinets, appliances, and entire kitchen
  • Evaluate the appliances; consider updating (stainless always)
  • Clean everything off the countertops to show as much counter space as possible; select 1 or 2 decorative items such as jar or vase with flowers
  • Put away small appliances
  • Remove the trash cans out of the kitchen to the garage for showings 
  • Neaten up the pantry; box up extras and keep a minimalist feel 
  • If cabinets are outdated, consider a fresh coat of paint and new hardware
  • Remove duplicate bowls, dishes, pots and pans; keep one set of attractive matching dishes. Do the same with cookware, flatware, and glassware
  • Decluttering shows how much space you have
  • Under the kitchen sink, remove everything that is not needed 
  • Upgrade light fixtures

Living Room

  • Remove bulky and unnecessary furniture; take the rest to the garage or basement
  • Create an open feel 
  • Minimal decor on bookshelves and on the coffee table
  • Outdated furniture or bold colors furniture – use a neutral slipcover 
  • Pack up video games, movies, magazines
  • Add colorful accent pillows or blankets to chairs, sofa: go for symmetry
  • Add lighting – lamps and chandeliers 
  • If you have one, clean out the fireplace and stage it (such as with a stack of wood or tools)
  • Slideshow of beautiful images on your tv like a screensaver during showings


  • Gender neutral all bedrooms
  • Depersonalize – no pictures, floral things 
  • Surfaces should be clear – maybe a flower 
  • Put away jewelry and other valuables in a safe place
  • Declutter and organize your closet (more on that later)
  • Create spacious feel to all bedrooms- remove bulky furniture


  • Clean and sanitize – polish everything
  • Make necessary repairs like re-caulking around the tub and sink
  • Polish everything
  • Remove outdated elements like unappealing tile and flooring
  • Declutter the countertop and cabinets and organize the latter
  • All white towels – think spa experience! New bath mat, white shower curtain
  • Remove everything off toilet, sinks, all personal items – medicine, toothbrushes should be out of sight
  • Remove stains and rust; consider regrouting and scrubbing.


  1. Tackle one closet at a time. 
  2. One season of clothes only
  3. Same hangers (preferably white) same direction
  4. PACK away for future. Put in garage, basement, or in storage.
  5. Thoroughly clean the closet.
  6. Paint it white.

Other Spaces

  • Address any awkward spaces and stage them to make them more appealing 
  • Declutter your home office, store any personal documents, and clear space
  • Declutter and organize the garage
  • Declutter! Consider it pre-packing for your move. Box up clothes, books, anything not used- consider placing in the garage or a storage unit. 
  • Get rid of all personalization items and posters. 
  • Keep closets, basements, and attics as empty as possible to maximize the appearance of storage space
  • Swap dim lights for high-wattage bulbs.
  • Check doors and drawers and make sure they are clean and open; hardware is clean and replace if needed
  • Hardwood- consider sanding down and restaining
  • Hire a professional cleaning company to deep clean prior to pictures

Curb Appeal and Backyard

  • Powerwash the outside of the house; driveway, front porch, sidewalk, gutters
  • Make sure mailbox is nice, labeled
  • Make any necessary repairs to the exterior of the home
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to the front door and garage doors especially if the colors are unconventional and make sure any light fixtures are clean and updated
  • Consider a fresh coat of paint to any bright garage doors or front doors – black or white should be considered
  • Front porch should be clean and have a new welcome mat
  • Grass should be watered, cut, fertilized, bushes and shrubs neat – call a landscaping company if you need help
  • Make sure bugs, insects, spider areas are swept clean
  • Hide recycle bins and trash cans
  • Organize outside wood piles and twigs.
  • Create a nice outdoor living space; consider the outdoor living space as a second living room

Extra Touches

  • Hide any pet items: bowls, beds, and toys
  • Keep the house smelling fresh and clean
  • Switch out art for neutral and appropriate



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Walmart Finds Under $25

Walmart Under $25 is always a win.

This cute lil dress click here
Wearing a medium

This tan dress
Wearing a medium
This Black Dress
Wearing a Large
This pink dress
Wearing a Large
The pants outfit
Jeans 8, Top Large
Polka dot dress outfit
Wearing Medium (would size up)
This red dress
Wearing a medium
Leopard Sequin Dress
Wearing a medium (would size up)

I really liked each of these dresses for different reasons and for the price; you can’t beat it. The jeans are fun and are definitely a change from my skinny jeans or leggings.

What dress do you like best? I think I like the gold one the best….or the hot pink!

Happy Walmarting!


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