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13 Things to Know: Visiting Patagonia and Hiking Torres Del Paine

1. Airfare: will run you a pretty penny. Look for deals. The first part of the trip was booked when I found a flight from NY to Santiago for $490. The flight stopped in Atlanta on the way and flying from Atlanta to Santiago was over $1600 and Delta does not let you miss a leg to get a cheaper fare – they will cancel your flight.

Now we needed to get to New York and from Santiago to Punta Arenas. The NY flight was around $250 (paid with miles) and the flight from Santiago to Punta Arenas was $300 per person. Again, not cheap.

Flights on the way down:

Delta 5893: 8:53 AM – 10:43 AM CMH to LGA

Delta 2210: 5:59 PM – 8:38 PM LGA to ATL

Delta 146: 8:50 PM – 5:38 AM ATL to SCL

Latam 283: 3:23 PM – 6:45 PM SCL to PUQ

Flights on the Way Back:

Latam 12:08 PM – 3:33 PM PUQ to SCL

Delta 147: 8:50 PM – 5:38 AM SCL to ATL

Delta 2933: 7:30 AM to 9:47 AM ATL to LGA

Delta 5888: 1:42 PM to 3:43 PM LGA to CMH

2. Transportation

Once you get to Punta Arenas, there are buses that will take you to major cities however there were a lot of little finds I wanted to check out so a rental car was the best option $450 for 6 days. Keep in mind limited rentals available so book early and renting a car for a day might be $200 and has to be returned by 6 pm so plan ahead (Europ Rental Car)

3. Plan ahead know what you want to do.

Day 1: arrival and driving 2.5 hours to outside the Torres del Paine Park. The Hotel CostaAustralis was perfect and absolutely a highlight to the stay. (This hotel is highly recommended)

The bus was perfect for day 2 as we rode and slept a lot on the bus and they stop for scenic things. Restroom and food options. The bus tour was from Chile to Argentina visiting Perito Mereno Glacier and seeing El Calafate

Day 3: from the hotel. We took a boat ride in the Patagonian Icefields and I loved every minute of it. It was a bit cold but beautiful. We were served a Chilean bbq. We were supposed tondo the Balmaceda y Serrento Glacier but there was a fatality so all zodiacs were cancelled but we did the boat ride that was quite lovely.

Day 4: We drove 2.5 hours to Hotel Torres – a beautiful hotel in the midst of Patagonia (Highly Recommended) . This hotel was not cheap but privately owned and absolutely stunning. The hotel had wonderful food and close parking to the trail for Torres del Paine. While here, did a horseback excursion in the afternoon and planned for Hiking Torres del Paine the next morning.

Day 5: we hiked Torres del Paine while mom went to the spa for the day. The hike was good – long- 13 hours of hard hiking. I am not kidding. Returned about 4 pm to the hotel and went for a drive to see the Grey Glacier.

Day 6: We drove around Patagonia inside the park for a few hours then headed out to Punta Arenas – a 6 hour drive from the Park. When arriving in Punta Arenas – one of the last places in South America before Antarctica – we visited a few of the cemetery markers – beautiful largeresting places. The city is quite lovely.

Day 7: Drove to the airport to catch flights home.

4. Weather

The weather can change on a dime so be prepared. April is considered a good- pleasant temperature time to go. 40-50s and at night 20-30 degrees. All I can say is we had the best visit and weather when we went. The winds can be extremely strong – come prepared for rain, wind, and cold – bone chilling weather.

5. So much to do in Patagonia

The list of things to do is plentiful. For starters – hiking and driving will consume a lot of your trip. For those reading this, I am really not a hiker – I don’t particularly enjoy walking in the wilderness while animals can potentially get me. You will not normally find me on a hike when back at home. The hikes in Patagonia are hard – they are for people who exercise (which I do) and have endurance. I found the Torres del Paine hike to be the best part of my trip. I was proud that I did it and so thankful that it was clear when we arrived. It was the hardest thing I have done and the half marathon I completed did not compare.

For those non- hikers, my mom found that the spas were nice and enjoyed reading, relaxing, and no cell phone service a welcomed part of the vacation.

Horseback riding, boating, guided tours of glaciers or tours of the landscape are some other options. Hotel Torres had a collection of options they provide and the list was incredible!

6. Food in Patagonia

The food is terrific. Barbecue is popular and culinary experiences are wonderful. The steak, mushrooms, lamb, seafood are all very popular. Sharing food is very popular in Chile and Argentina. People are family oriented and spending time barbecuing in the yard is popular. Three hours of cooking and tender meat will be upon you.

Many restaurants do not accept credit cards

Service is really slow amd dinner is late starting at 8 pm

If you see a large group- inclination is to keep movong on but instead join in – you don’t want to miss the amazing food

7. Language

Most people in Chile and Argentina speak Spanish but as a native English speaker, everyone we encountered in Patagonia spoke Emglish without a problem. The hotels had a lot of employees from New Zealand and Australia as well as Europe. Google translate can help

8. Cell Phone Service

Cell service is limited in parts of Chile and Argentina but when you have service – the Verizon cell phone only charges $10 a day for unlimited service but make sure you have this turned on before leaving the US

9. Things You Need to Bring

A. Sunglasses

B. Socks

C. Hiking Boots

D. Hat or Beanie

E. Sunscreen

F. Travel Insurance

9. It is expensive in Patagonia

I am pretty sure nothing was cheap in Patagonia – the food was expensive, clothing – expensive, wool- expensive, accommodations- expensive transportation – expensive

10. Patagonia is Huge!

A. Travel is slow, border crossing is easier said that done (unless your rental has the right paperwork; you cannot go) – you must plan the details because it can range 3 hours to 15 hours throughout Patagonia.

11. Patagonia is Environmentally Conscious

There is no trash on the side of the road or in the wilderness. Everyone is environmentally conscious and makes an effort to keep things need and organized. Wildlife is unique – views are incredible and everything is pristine

12. Come Prepared

You must come prepared with clothes, extra battery charges, food, snacks, water.

13. A recap of what you need to know:

– Patagonia is expensive

– well worth the visit

– The views are incredible

-Pick accommodations wisely

-Rent a car in advance

-Be environmentally conscious

– Weather is crazy

– internet? What is that?

– Bring warm clothing and put items in ziplock

– Sunscreen, sunglasses, hiking boots should be brought

– Patagonia is safe

– If hiking Torres del Paine – consider Hotel Torres when you do the hike

– Travel Insurance

Costs: for 3 people

El calafate: $311.94

Boat Ride: $432.89

Car Rental with Insurance and all Gas: $636.79

Bags: $168.16

Hotel Torres $940 (2 nights)

Food, Horses $225.73

Hotel Costaaustralis: $507.47 (3 nights)

Hotel Cabo Hornes $184.51

Travel Insurance per person: $81

$50 per person per day – maybe less depending.

Flight to NY: $386 per person

Flight to santiago: $579.03 per person

Flight to Punta Arena: $350 per person

**some of the costs were paid with miles**

$2,000 per person would include all food, car, hotel, excursions, and flights

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11 Things You Should Know Before Going to Machu Picchu

When thinking about going to Machu Picchu, there are 11 things you should know before going.

1. Know What You Are Getting Into


What You Should Know:

  • The time of the year (November – March is rainy season)
  • It is a working vacation (this is a non-stop, action filled, workout, calorie burning vacation)
  • South America operates at a much slower pace than the United States
  • Machu Picchu is a journey just to get there.
    • Once in Cusco, taxi is 2.5 hours to Ollanytambo where you catch the Train to Agua Calientes
    • Taxi should cost around 100 soles from the airport (35 USD) to Ollanytambo (know the power of negotiation; they started at 300 USD and ended at 35 USD)
    • Train Ticket Options – PeruRail – 3 Choices (Hiram Bingham, Vistadome, Expedition)
    • Book Ollantaytambo Train for 6 PM or later to Agua Calientes in case you have delays. (if on time, there are ruins about 1/2 mile from the train station if you arrive early)

What We Did:

  • We flew at Spring Break leaving Monday evening and leaving Cusco on Friday morning.
  • Spring Break was the end of March
  • It was 4 flights to get there (CMH-DFW-LIM-CUZ)
  • Once you arrive in Cusco, it is 2.5 hours to Ollantaytambo (35 USD) by Taxi.
  • Train (Peru Rail) was awesome. We booked the Vistadome (75 USD) on the way and Expedition (45 USD) on the way back.
    • Based on the 5 hour delay, Peru Rail was in the airport and was able to rebook our train tickets at no charge for the latest train from Ollantaytambo to Aqua Calientes)

2. Acclimating to the Altitude

What You Need to Know:

  • Altitude Sickness can be dangerous and it can ruin a vacation
  • Arrival in Cusco is 11,152 Feet; Ollantaytambo is 9,980 feet, and Agua Calientes is 6,693 feet and Machu Picchu is 7,972 feet.
  • It can be hard to walk up stairs with the altitude. A group of young men were stopping and could not catch their breath due to the altitude and some older less fit people just passed them. Altitude can affect anyone and it does not matter if you are physically fit.
  • While you are going up steps; there are no handrails and no wheelchair accessibility
  • As soon as you arrive in Cusco, plan on going directly to Agua Calientes
    • Advantages of this – reduction of headache and time to adjust

What We Did:

  • Arrival in Cusco; grabbed a bite to eat in the airport; then taxi to Ollantaytambo
  • Took Peru Rail from Ollantaytambo to Agua Calientes
  • Stay 2 nights in Agua Calientes then 1 night in Cusco before coming home
  • Had no issues; despite having altitude sickness meds (Diamox) with me
  • I have had altitude sickness before at 9,000 feet and 11,000 so this itinerary did not cause me to feel ill at all

3. Deciding Your Budget and Time Frame

What You Should Know:

  • Flights can cost 1,000-2,000USD to get from the United States to Cusco
  • Hotels can range from 35USD to 1500USD per night
  • Trains can cost 45USD to 400USD each way
  • Taxis can cost 35USD to 400USD
  • Dinners can cost 5USD per person to 15USD per person
  • Drinks can cost 2 USD to 8 USD per person
  • How much time do you want to spend in Peru?

What We Did;

  • We used Flight Miles to get to Cusco and tax cost each of us 72 USD
  • We did opt for a higher price by booking LATAM Airlines after looking at the safety records of competing airlines and their on time arrival percentages
  • We did opt for a taxi instead of a collective van (35USD for a taxi for 3 of us or 2 USD per person on a bus that could take 4 hours to get to the train station)
  • We did book the Vistadome (open window) train on the way there to see the sights (we had to rebook at the airport and ended up on the Expedition with no change fee)
  • We did book the Expedition (windows smaller) on the way back
  • We did not do other sights in Peru; literally just Machu Picchu/ Sacred Valley
  • We did stay at a 4 star hotel in Agua Calientes (Taypikala Boutique Hotel) and were pleasantly surprised (it is a walk up the hill from the train station)
  • We did splurge at a 5 star hotel in Cusco (JW Marriott Cusco) one of the Top 5 Hotels in South America and the Bachelor filmed there (Season Arie) we had hotels.com credit and the breakfast was delicious. They do have oxygen for altitude sickness and the location was close to the shopping area and main square.
  • We did do two days at Machu Picchu and would do it again.
  • The time frame for us was perfect; would not stay longer but others may have a different opinion.

4. Planning the Flights

What You Should Know:

  • Planes typically arrive into Lima 4:30 AM-6:45 AM. Plan to have the next flight 2-3 hours later to land in Cusco.
  • Remember deboarding the plane can take up to 30 minutes, followed by lines at customs/immigration, then checking in for the next flight (assuming you are not on the same carrier)
  • Plan to do a backpack duffel to keep everything with you; lost luggage is not a good situation. 60L was a great size for 4 -5 days.
  • Cheap does not necessarily guarantee a “good deal” – look at safety record and on time departures.

What We Did:

  • Flew American Airlines to Lima and LATAM to Cusco
  • Flew from Columbus, Ohio (6 PM departure) to Dallas, Texas (10:00 PM departure) to Lima, Peru (arrival 4 AM; 7 AM departure) and on to Cusco, Peru
    • We had 3 hours between flights scheduled for Lima (in our situation we had a flat tire in DFW and it took 2 hours to fix) then almost missed the flight from Lima to Cusco (made the flight by 5 minutes; then 5 hour delay because the door would not shut).
    • Actually arrived in Cusco around 2:30 PM (arrival was supposed to be 9:30 AM)

5. Book Hotels and Tickets Before You Arrive

What You Should Know:

  • The type of travel accommodations you want
    • Train Tickets Range from 45 USD (Expedition) to 75 USD (Vistadome) to 400 USD (Hiram Bingham)
    • Hotels range from 35 USD to 1200 USD a night
    • Machu Picchu tickets are around 60 USD per day per person
    • See my tutorial on how to book Machu Picchu Tickets  How to Get Machu Picchu Tickets Before You Go

What We Did:

  • Researched the cost of taxis from the airport to Ollanytambo (approx. 35 USD)
  • Booked Vistadome (wide open space and windows to see rainforest) $75USD on the way there
  • Booked Expedition (not as luxurious on the way back) $45.00 way back
  • Booked Taypikala Boutique Hotel in Aqua Calientes (breakfast was delicious and free; wi-fi was hit and miss) for 2 nights
  • Booked JW Marriott Cusco for the last night before returning to US


6. Plan to Spend 2 Days At Machu Picchu

Day 1: Sunny and Beautiful

Day 2: Rainy and Foggy

What You Should Know:

  • It rains….there is fog…..
  • Conditions vary at the bottom and at the top
  • If there is fog, you can see nothing.
  • Day 1 was 55 degrees in Aqua Calientes and at the top was a tropical 74 with sun.
  • Day 2 was 55 degrees in Aqua Calientes and at the top was a cold 50 degrees with rain
  • Peru Rail notified us that there was change in the Machu Picchu times in case we needed to change train service (so we knew before we left Ohio that the entrance was closing at 2 PM)
  • Machu Picchu closed the entrance at 2 PM on our first day; if this happens, they let you go in early even if you have afternoon tickets and you can stay once in, but cannot re-enter.
  • You must have tickets before you arrive at the top.
  • Cannot emphasize this enough….book 2 days.
  • If it is sunny on the first day, take all pictures and do everything you want. Do not assume the next day will be the same.
  • If it is rainy, look at the way the ruins drain the water; there are no puddles; fog everywhere; and for me it was unbelievable at the drainage
  • Within 2 hours, the rain stopped and the fog was lifting.
  • This picture was taken as we were leaving and it really becomes a “follow the leader”

What We Did:

  • We booked 2 days at Machu Picchu
  • Day 1 we booked the afternoon time slot because we figured with the travels we would be tired
  • We received notification from Peru Rail that Machu Picchu hours would change on our first day. We ended up going up around 11 AM and stayed until 4 PM
  • Day 2 we booked the morning time slot because our train was leaving at 2 PM.
  • We got in line at 5:30 AM and was there at sunrise to see that it was a day of rain.
  • We arrived around 7 AM at the top and left around 9:30 AM
  • We went back to the hotel and showered before hanging out at a cafe near the river before the train departure.

7. Plan on Bringing Essential items

What You Need to Know:

  • Backpack Duffel 60L appropriate size so you can take everything with you everywhere.
  • The trains do not allow big bags: your rolling 50 pound Samsonite will not work here; you will have to leave at the train station
  • Ponchos
  • Waterproof Pants, Waterproof Jacket
  • Layers
  • Boots
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Bug Spray with Deet (do not forget this)

8. Get Up Early

What You Need to Know:

  • If you go in the afternoon, head up around 11 AM and do not wait until the 12:00 time
  • Machu Picchu after 9 AM is a game of follow the leader
  • Machu Picchu early in the morning is spectacular with you and few of your newest friends
  • Can see everything without people in all of your pictures

What We Did:

  • Day 1: We went up mid-morning (Machu Picchu was closing at 2 PM and we had afternoon tickets)
  • Day 2: We got in line at 5:30 AM and the picture above shows the line…
  • Remember that when you want to leave, everyone else will probably want to as well- so make the decision early and make it happen.
    • We waited on day 1 until 4 PM to come down and stood for about 2 hours waiting on buses
    • We ate at the Belmond Sanctuary Hotel for lunch and it was worth it. 30 USD per person – buffet- excellent food; right next to Machu Picchu
    • Drinks and ice cream were also by the entrance.


9. Must Have Your Passport at Machu Picchu and to Buy bus tickets

What You Need to Know:

  • You have to have a passport to enter Machu Picchu; they will check it
  • There is a stand next to the restrooms where you can get your passport stamped (see above)
  • When you buy bus tickets; you can get them at once for two days; they will take credit card, but have cash in case the machines are down
  • Everyone’s passport has to be with the person making the purchase.
  • Get bus tickets when you arrive to Agua Calientes (ticket booth is where you line up to go up the mountain)
  • The bus ride up is like Ice Road Truckers in the Himalayas; curves, bumps, dangerous passage ways; no guardrails
  • When in line for the trip to Machu Picchu; make sure you get the stamp marking your Machu Picchu tickets and bus ticket OR you cannot board the bus.

What We Did:

  • Brought passports and purchased bus tickets all at once on the first day when waiting in line
  • While I ran to get bus tickets, the lady stamping passed by us; later we discovered we needed a stamp on the tickets in order to board the bus, so I had to run all the way to the top and get a signature before we could board the bus. (save yourself from this)

10. Vaccinations and Medications

What You Need to Know:

  • Have your vaccinations up to date: Flu, TDap, MMR, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever (is optional)
  • Get a prescription for Diamox (if you have a sulfa drug allergy; there is an alternate)
  • Get a prescription filled for Z-Pak in case of Traveler’s Diarrhea
  • Pepto Bismol, Tylenol, Band-aids, and any other items you may need.

What We Did:

  • All shots are up to date
  • Since we are going to Africa in July; we opted for the Yellow Fever Vaccination; my mom did not get it (was not recommended based on age and where we were going)
  • Took Z-Pak and Diamox just in case.
  • Took a variety of medical items: band-aids, tylenol, pepto-bismol, neosporin, zyrtec

11. Food and Drinks

What You Need to Know:

  • Avoid fresh fruits, vegetables
  • Avoid water; this includes ice cubes

What We Did:

  • Avoided fresh fruits, water, vegetables, and the tea everyone speaks of.
  • Did not need anything because we appropriately acclimated (going to a low point when arriving-Agua Calientes)
  • Did not shave while on this trip
  • There are parasites and water treatment facilities and chlorination is not the same as the US
  • Tried Inca Cola- tastes like Bubblegum or Big Red Gum as a drink (surprisingly good)
  • Get food as soon as you land in Cusco. You will want to have snacks on the journey for 2.5 hours.
  • There are no restrooms or McDonalds from Cusco to Ollantaytambo.
  • Bottled water and snacks are essential at Machu Picchu and to have with you at all times.


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How to Get Machu Picchu Tickets Before You Go!


There are a limited number of tickets to Machu Picchu per day; so it is advisable to get the tickets prior to arriving in Peru.

First, you will go to http://www.machupicchu.gob.pe or Machu Picchu Tickets Click Here

article 1.png


  1. On the right hand side, you will select the language. You will select Machu Picchu (follow the pink arrows)
  2. Then you have to decide if you want to visit in the morning or in the afternoon. The yellow arrow is the morning 6 AM-12:00PM; once you are in, you can stay beyond 12:00 PM but will be unable to re-enter after this time. If you select the blue, that is the afternoon time slot starting at 12:00PM -6PM. You will not be able to enter early unless Machu Picchu’s entrance is closing around 2 PM, then you can spend the entire day.
  3. To go to the next page, you will select Step 2. (bottom middle of the page)

article 1.5.png

At the top you will notice the availability remaining on the particular day you are looking at and you will be asked to select the number of tickets. For this, you will need to know passport numbers, age, and full names. This is in case you forget your tickets; they can look it up.

When finished click Step 3.

article 2.png

On this page you will put contact name information, passport information, and your email address. You will confirm the number of visitors and the total amount (remember, this is in soles which is 3.14 soles=1USD) around 65.00 USD/person/day.

You have to click the two boxes verifying that the information is correct and you agree to the conditions. Click Book.

A reservation code will pop up. You will need to click on the payments tab (see left blue arrow) and you will pay here after entering your reservation code (this is NOT your ticket). When you are finished, you will take the reservation code and go to the check in tab in order to print your tickets (right blue arrow).

Questions? Just ask!


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Machu Picchu: On A Budget: 4 Day Itinerary


Before you go; make sure you do these 3 things: 1. Book train tickets 2. Book Hotel Accommodations 3. Have Machu Picchu Tickets in Hand


Day 1: Cusco to Aguas Calientes

Day 2: Machu Picchu

Day 3: Machu Picchu; return to Cusco

Day 4: Fly out of Cusco

Make sure you know:

  1. Altitude Cusco 11,152 feet
  2. Altitude Ollayntambo 9,160 feet
  3. Altitude Aguas Calientes 6,693 feet
  4. Machu Picchu 7,970 feet

Train tickets: make sure you book a late train from Ollanytambo to Aguas Calientes

Flights from Lima into Cusco often get delayed. (mine was delayed 5 hours)

Day to Day Specifics

Day 1: Arrival in Cusco; from here; Plan going straight to Aguas Calientes (below Machu Picchu). When you arrive in Cusco (11,152 feet altitude) and if you are from a lower elevation it can wreck havoc on your body if you stay without acclimating.

Take a taxi from the Cusco Airport to Ollanytambo (get some food in the airport before you leave; the taxi ride is 2.5 hours)

Ollanytambo is in the Sacred Valley so if you flight is on time; you have time to walk around and see the ruins. If not, you will catch it on your way back to Cusco. The cost of a taxi is around 40.00 USD or 100-120 soles; at the airport, taxis will start at 240-440 soles or for a private car 350.00 USD; trust me, negotiate and offer 40 USD or 100 soles.

At the airport, there is a money exchange; the three of us exchanged 200.00 dollars to Soles.

The ride from Cusco to Ollayntambo is winding, on dirt roads, and on bumpy paths with a beautiful landscape the entire drive; with the elevation, fatigue, and car sickness; Coca Cola and Pringles actually made me feel a lot better.

Peru Rail: Ollanyntambo to Aguas Calientes (get some food in the store before leaving). The ride is around 2 hours.

Remember that things in South America do not always go as planned and there is a slower pace; it took over an hour for the bags to get off the plane because there was a festival going on.

I went with Peru Rail and was extremely happy with the experience; booked the Vistadome and on the return, the Expedition. With a 5 hour delay in Lima, we were able to rebook with Peru Rail in the airport with no additional charges. Very thankful that Peru Rail was so awesome.

When arriving in Aguas Calientes, there is no one who carries your bags and most hotels are up the hill. My hotel happened to be at the top of the hill; 15 minute walk and it was challenging with a pack on my back.

Day 2: Get up in the morning (Aguas Calientes) and pick up bus tickets (you will need a passport to purchase a ticket per person) It was around 79 Soles roundtrip or around 20 USD roundtrip. You can buy the tickets at the stand for a couple days so you do not have to visit the bus tickets again. (credit card machines were not working, so make sure you have cash)

Stand in line for the bus to the top. Make sure that while standing in line, someone checks your ticket and stamps it; if you have no stamp, you have to run to the top of the hill and find the person stamping.

You must show your passport and entrance ticket to get in.

Again, take snacks and drinks with you to Machu Picchu.

No tickets for Machu Picchu are sold at the top; so have your tickets with you.

There is a free stamp for Machu Picchu for your passport.

Restrooms are 1 sole per person.

Walking through Machu Picchu and taking pictures on day 1 for us took about 5 hours. We sat and talked and appreciated the amazing views. The weather was spectacular and watching everything was wonderful.

After the visit to Machu Picchu, we had lunch at the Belmond Sanctuary Hotel: lunch was a buffet and 40.00 USD per person. A bit pricey but well worth it. 3 drinks (water and Cokes) about 9 USD.

A few things to remember at the top of Machu Picchu: everyone who came up has to go down, so be strategic with timing. We waited an hour to go down; others were in line over 2 hours. It can be hot while waiting; so stay hydrated.

When returning to Agua Calientes, there are a lot of little shops/ cafes/ market to go shopping and eating.

Day 3: Get up early and see Machu Picchu at 5:30 AM. It is spectacular. On this early morning, we ran into heavy rain, but the structure of Machu Picchu and the architectural design allows for a drainage and no puddled water; within 2 hours, it was clear and beautiful. We went down around 10 AM; went to the hotel and showered; then stopped by a cafe next to the river and then had lunch before leaving; our train from Agua Calientes was to leave around 2 PM arriving in Ollayntambo around 4 PM.

The two hour train ride allowed for a quick nap before the taxi ride back to Cusco. This cost was around 80 soles to Cusco (cheaper than leaving the airport). We walked around the Cusco Plaza del Armas where there are quite a few Catholic Churches, shops, KFC, and McDonalds. Our hotel, the JW Marriott Cusco (top 5 in South American Hotels) was around the corner and worth the money. Oxygen available for altitude sickness, free buffet breakfast, free internet, and walking distance of the shopping.

Day 4: Getting up and heading to the airport. Quick trip!



Vaccinations:(talk with your travel physician or check with the CDC)

-Hepatitis A

-Hepatitis B


-Yellow Fever



-Z Pak in case of Traveler’s Diarrhea

-Diamox (Altitude Sickness)

-Tylenol (Altitude Sickness)

-Pepto Bismol (Just in Case)

Few things to know about the area:

-Do not drink the water (or even the tea)

-Do not shave

-Do not eat fresh salsa or vegetables

What I learned:

-Give yourself extra time in case of issues. Book the train after 6 PM (from Ollanytambo to Aguas Calientes)

-Peru Rail was easy to navigate and book (in English)

-Machu Picchu tickets were not as easy to get online (I will post a tutorial in the next few days; the translation is not particularly helpful).

-The Culture of Ministry can change the Machu Picchu visiting times on a day’s notice; I received information from Peru Rail about this so we entered Machu Picchu earlier on the first day than expected since the entrance was closing at 2 PM.

-Book 2 days at Machu Picchu (if you arrive in the morning, you can stay all day, but make sure you can be there before the morning hours end)

Ways to Save Money:

  1. Sign up for ebates: use referral code: https://www.ebates.com/r/HEIDIL357?eeid=28187 and you will get some free money as well.
  2. Go through ebates, now search for hotels.com
  3. This will allow you a % for going through ebates on your hotel stay & 9 nights=1 free on hotels.com
  4. Negotiate and Know the Costs (see below)

Estimated Costs:

  1. Taxi to and from Ollayntambo: 80 USD for 5 hours of driving (2.5 hours each way)
  2. Train (rt) to Aguas Calientes: 80 USD for the cheapest option
  3. Hotel: 4 Star = 100.00 USD per night  5 Star: 450.00 USD-1200.00 USD
  4. Food cost = 8-10.00 USD per person / meal
  5. Bottled Water =2.50 USD per person
  6. Machu Picchu 2 days of tickets: $65.00 USD/ day
  7. Plane tickets run from $400-1550.00 to get to Cusco. (I used flight miles which I will talk about soon)

Questions? Please just ask!