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Savings at Costco: Kirkland v. Brand Name

Costco offers the Kirkland Brand and it can save you a lot of money. Many of the Kirkland products are private label from big brands. I have linked several similar or exact private label with brands so you can take a look on your own. Costco has confirmed some of these; some are speculated, and some are close. Hope this helps save you some cash!

Kirkland Signature Outdoor Socks v. Smart Wool

Kirkland v. Roxbury Mountain

Kirkland Signature Shampoo v. Pureology

Kirkland Facial Wipes v Neutrogena

Kirkland Wipes v. Pampers Wipes

Kirkland Aller-Tex v. Zyrtec

Kirkland Diapers v. Huggies

Kirkland Vodka v. Grey Goose (same region, no collaboration)

Kirkland Dishwasher Pods v. Cascade

Kirkland Omeprazole v. Prilosec OTC

Kirkland Batteries v. Duracell Batteries

Tuff Athletics v. Lululemon

Kirkland dog food v. Diamond Natural adult food

Kirkland Vanilla Extract v McCormick

Kirkland Walnuts v Fisher

Kirkland Cooking Spray v Pam

Kirkland Organic Fruity Snacks v. Annie’s Organic

Kirkland AllerClear v Claritin

Kirkland Acetaminophen v. Tylenol

Kirkland ibuprofen v Advil

Kirkland Chinet cups v Chinet

Kirkland Nut Bars v. Kind Bars

Kirkland Sparkling Mineral Water v Pellegrino

Kirkland Medium Roast v Starbucks Medium Roast

Kirkland Trash Bags v Hefty

Kirkland Jelly Beans v Jelly Belly

Kirkland Ultra Clean v Persil

Kirkland Foodservice Foil v. Reynolds Wrap

Kirkland Craft Beer v Gordon Biersch

Kirkland Ice Cream v Humboldt

Kirkland Purified Water v Niagara Water

Kirkland Kitchen Bags v Hefty

Kirkland Bacon v Hormel

Kirkland K Cups v Green Mountain

Kirkland Cranberry v Ocean Spray

Kirkland Protein Bar v Protein Bar

Kirkland Bourbon v Buffalo Trace

Kirkland ProCare Formula v Similachttps://rstyle.me/cz-n/exzwrkcmec7https://rstyle.me/cz-n/exzwt7cmec7

Kirkland House Blend v Starbucks

Kirkland Tuna v Bumble Bee Tuna

Kirkland Parmigiano Reggiano v Formaggio Zanetti

Kirkland Sparkling Water v LaCroix

Kirkland Chocolate Covered Almond v Blommer Chocolate

Kirkland Tortilla Chips v Mission Chips

Kirkland Real Mayonnaise v Hellman’s

Kirkland Triple Action v Movefree

Kirkland Chicken Stock v Swanson

Kirkland Golf Balls v Cut Golf

Hope this has been fun!

Let me know your favorites!

– Heidi

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Pandemic Dating Tips – Why Dating Now is The Best Time

Dating has never been easier. Let me say that again… dating has never been easier. Dating during a pandemic may have been a slight blessing and let me tell you why.

Online profiles are a resume for dating. Use this as an opportunity to get what you want. Say it. Write it and Be Real. Think of yourself as a brand and what would the pic you are using tell about you? Your outfit? The location? If it’s not working for what you want, invest in you and write the profile or hire it done and get a photographer – put your best foot forward.

Swipe right – swipe left… like…don’t like…delete and keep looking.

When you have nothing to do…like no movie to catch, no friends to meet for dinner and no real vacation plans.. reality sits in. What is really important in life? What do you really want?

Everyone has a way to approach dating – apps, matchmakers, just lunch, blind dates, and friends. The dating life is like a job. Be attentive, listen, invest, and be selective.

The pandemic forces you to read, pay attention, and tend to what someone is saying. In the normal realm of dating, there are many distractions. There are the in-person interactions at a restaurant or a movie or hockey game are a distraction and can cloud what you know of the person. There are also the opinions of family, friends, and acquaintances who suggest – give it more time or this or that..

With a pandemic, there is not the clutter of others; no thoughts and opinions to cloud judgment – you are there to make your own decision. Since you are not hanging out with friends and family as much, the dating decisions are purely yours.

With the pandemic many dates are delayed because you are discovering and finding out – so zoom, google meet, phone, text, and chats allow for a conversation and ask difficult questions. Seeing someone on video allows you to see if their pic online was from 10 years ago, if they put on 10 pounds from profile pictures. If attraction is somewhat there, then over time- go in for the heavy hitter questions… you also have time to message a few people and interact on the phone, video, or by text or chat to see what you have in common. The weeding out process happens sooner and less emotion is involved when you are not having the face to face in person dates.

There are also certain apps for what you are looking for: Tawkify, Bumble, Match, Tinder, Hinge, And specific niche dating for example, farmers.

It is important to be true to you. If you gained some weight or have more wrinkles or whatever is happening, a good photographer can make you look more attractive. Basic clothing and casual looks fair well. Be confident in your skin and make sure to put your best foot forward.

There are thousands of profiles and you can feel like a member of an ebay auction. Advertise what you want and look for what you want.

Be transparent with your expectations and listen to what you are being told. If you do not like it, believe it and move on if you need to.

While getting to know someone ask the difficult questions – find out views on the things that might be harder to ask later when you are invested.

1. Do you ever see yourself getting married?

2. Do you see children in your future?

3. Are you married right now?

4. Have you had Coronavirus? And so on.

When it is time to actually meet, talk before about how you will handle the interaction. Due to Covid, what socially distanced location works well? What outdoor location is feasible? Then have the conversation about in person date. During the date, will you wear a mask? Will you maintain 6 feet apart?

Hopefully you have taken time to get to know the person and know their beliefs on Covid, life, and whether or not you want to spend more time with this person. Spend the time in the beginning to see if the foundation is there for more- whatever that is for you in your situation.

Best Wishes for Happiness,



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8 Financial Resolutions to Make in 2021

With 2021, it is the perfect time to evaluate your financial situation and improve your financial health.

Big Items First:

1. Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Make a list of your credit cards, your balances, and your payment date. Also make a call and check the APR or % you are paying per year for that balance.

Start with the largest amount and highest APR – and start focusing on getting it paid down. You may also look at the smallest balance and work to pay that off first. Just look at the options and get focused.

Additional Tips:

– The other credit cards- pay more than the minimum each month (even if a small amount over).

– Look at low balance transfers to move debt out of high interest credit cards. Transfer fees may be 3-5% but this is typically better than the interest rate on the credit card

– Depending on the debt, you may pay off the debt with a home equity loan. Home equity interest is deductible – also, caution to those who do not pay on time…failure to pay may lead to foreclosure on your home.

2. Trim that Budget

Now is a great time to cut the budget and stick to it. Cancel cable, dine out less, and shop at discount places or go through your closet. This can be temporary or permanent but is a flexible situation. Look at things you spend money on and consider making some changes.

3. Create a Will. And Medical Power of Attorney.

A will is important. Should you die, you decide the estate, the children (if you and a spouse pass), avoid probate (in many cases), make donations, decide who makes decisions (executor), minimize taxes, and you can disinherit anyone you want.

A medical power of attorney is someone authorized to make medical decisions on your behalf of you are incapacitated. Medical power of attorney representative decides on withdrawing, giving medical or surgical treatments.

4. Make extra mortgage payments.

Every little bit helps! $100 a month, an extra payment a year…anything over time can make a huge difference. Paying an extra payment per year will equate to years off the loan.

Any monies on selling items I had went to the mortgage fund. Over time, it made a huge difference.

5. Evaluate Purchases by Cost Per Use

Think about the hoodie – is the $30 really better than the $5.00 hoodie? Or if you are wearing it daily should you splurge on the better quality?

I am a huge proponent of this factor. There was an amazing pair of boots for $275 Marc Fisher boots – I knew I would wear them at most 15 times…I found the Walmart dupe for $24 and bought brown and khaki and still stayed way under budget. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Marc Fisher but I can find quite a few ways to spend approximately $225 that does not involve boots

6. Spend money on experiences and not things

If you are spending money, then make it mean something. A concert, a trip, a picnic, a basketball game – these items are much more fulfilling than things.

7. Plan for Retirement

After getting your debt under control, then focus on retirement. Working for a school district, options include 403b or 457 Roth so a lot of money can be saved with maximum benefits. The more money you put in today, the more time it has to grow through compound growth.

8. Curb Overspending

Most people overspend in 3 ways: overspend on house, overspend on car, and overspend on entertainment.

Think about the size of house and cost of what is best for you, consider a more affordable car or plan to keep it longer once it is paid for, and entertainment – the number of trips, dining out, etc.

Hope this helps you think about your spending and how you might curb some spending!



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5 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Not About Losing Weight

As we leave 2020 behind and move forward to 2021; lots of ads, commercials, and friends are talking about what they will do in 2021 usually focused on improvement and losing weight.

Improvement and growth are admirable – looking long term – have you really stuck with a new year’s resolution all year? Personally, I don’t think losing weight is a bad choice; rather eating healthy and getting adequate sleep are more likely to be obtained and cause less stress.

Starting small with manageable habits can help with any tangible goal. These are some ways to help you start the new year right.

1. Sleep!!

Personally – focus on establishing a sleep pattern – a rested year with goals on taking on the day. In 2020, I picked up a weighted blanket that has made me sleep through the night and without restlessness. Poor sleep quality may lead to metabolic disorders, weight gain, and increased risk of obesity and other health conditions. I find that the weighted blanket has worked well year round.

2. Exercise!!

Get moving no matter what. Every day 20-30 minutes of something (5 times a week). While watching tv or netflix, I typically get up and do push-ups or sit ups or some other exercise to remain consistent.

3. Be fiscally responsible!!

Spend money on purchases that make sense. Work to establish an understanding of needs and wants. Do you need a 2021 car or does the 2017 you have work just fine? By adding additional debt, it causes stress and that stress impacts our health as well as additional hours needed for payment – so longer hours at work. Just think about the options. I could buy a new car – right now, I am enjoying no car payment, however with 244,000 miles – a car might need to be in my future. We will see..

4. Invest in you!!

Spend the money to make you better. Take the class online or buy the pair of shoes you feel you need to make that job interview or to get over that hurdle. It is hard to justify expenses – however spending money for a return to school or to better your opportunities is never wrong. I recently made a couple investments in me – more on this within the next month! Can’t wait to share.

5. Be Kind to You!!

Make a plan. Stick with it and make you the priority – empower you to be the best version of yourself. No negative self talk. Pick up a happiness journal to share a sentence a day over the next 5 years. I have found it really has made a huge difference. Channel your inner you. My outfit below is one of my favorites for working out. Colorful and Blades of Glory like – sometimes you just have to be comfortable in your own skin. I have come to the realization that being like everyone else is boring and having a little more fun in my life is better for my happiness. This past year I have embraced bright colors, adventure, and photography fun snaps that I would not have posted; as I have gotten older, I am happier to share and push post. Be Kind to You!

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Have a Great Start to 2021!