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  • Savings at Costco: Kirkland v. Brand Name
    Costco offers the Kirkland Brand and it can save you a lot of money. Many of the Kirkland products are private label from big brands. I have linked several similar or exact private label with brands so you can take a look on your own. Costco has confirmed some of these; some are speculated, and some are close. Hope this helps save you some cash! Kirkland Signature Outdoor Socks v. Smart Wool Kirkland v. Roxbury Mountain Kirkland Signature Shampoo v. Pureology Kirkland Facial Wipes v Neutrogena Kirkland Wipes v. Pampers Wipes Kirkland Aller-Tex v. Zyrtec Kirkland Diapers v. Huggies Kirkland Vodka v. Grey Goose (same region, no collaboration) Kirkland Dishwasher Pods v. Cascade Kirkland Omeprazole v. Prilosec OTC Kirkland Batteries v. Duracell Batteries Tuff Athletics v. Lululemon Kirkland dog food v. Diamond Natural adult food Kirkland Vanilla Extract v McCormick Kirkland Walnuts v Fisher Kirkland Cooking Spray v Pam Kirkland Organic Fruity Snacks v. Annie’s Organic Kirkland AllerClear v Claritin Kirkland Acetaminophen v. Tylenol Kirkland ibuprofen v Advil Kirkland Chinet cups v Chinet Kirkland Nut Bars v. Kind Bars Kirkland Sparkling Mineral Water v Pellegrino Kirkland Medium Roast v Starbucks Medium Roast Kirkland Trash Bags v Hefty Kirkland Jelly Beans […]
  • Pandemic Dating Tips – Why Dating Now is The Best Time
    Dating has never been easier. Let me say that again… dating has never been easier. Dating during a pandemic may have been a slight blessing and let me tell you why. Online profiles are a resume for dating. Use this as an opportunity to get what you want. Say it. Write it and Be Real. Think of yourself as a brand and what would the pic you are using tell about you? Your outfit? The location? If it’s not working for what you want, invest in you and write the profile or hire it done and get a photographer – put your best foot forward. Swipe right – swipe left… like…don’t like…delete and keep looking. When you have nothing to do…like no movie to catch, no friends to meet for dinner and no real vacation plans.. reality sits in. What is really important in life? What do you really want? Everyone has a way to approach dating – apps, matchmakers, just lunch, blind dates, and friends. The dating life is like a job. Be attentive, listen, invest, and be selective. The pandemic forces you to read, pay attention, and tend to what someone is saying. In the normal realm of […]
  • 8 Financial Resolutions to Make in 2021
    With 2021, it is the perfect time to evaluate your financial situation and improve your financial health. Big Items First: 1. Pay Off Credit Card Debt Make a list of your credit cards, your balances, and your payment date. Also make a call and check the APR or % you are paying per year for that balance. Start with the largest amount and highest APR – and start focusing on getting it paid down. You may also look at the smallest balance and work to pay that off first. Just look at the options and get focused. Additional Tips: – The other credit cards- pay more than the minimum each month (even if a small amount over). – Look at low balance transfers to move debt out of high interest credit cards. Transfer fees may be 3-5% but this is typically better than the interest rate on the credit card – Depending on the debt, you may pay off the debt with a home equity loan. Home equity interest is deductible – also, caution to those who do not pay on time…failure to pay may lead to foreclosure on your home. 2. Trim that Budget Now is a great time […]
  • The Perfect Socially Distanced Vacation: Luxury Treehouse in Central Ohio
    Staying at a luxury treehouse in Central Ohio is a wonderful social distanced getaway. Check out The Mohicans for more details!
  • 5 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Not About Losing Weight
    As we leave 2020 behind and move forward to 2021; lots of ads, commercials, and friends are talking about what they will do in 2021 usually focused on improvement and losing weight. Improvement and growth are admirable – looking long term – have you really stuck with a new year’s resolution all year? Personally, I don’t think losing weight is a bad choice; rather eating healthy and getting adequate sleep are more likely to be obtained and cause less stress. Starting small with manageable habits can help with any tangible goal. These are some ways to help you start the new year right. 1. Sleep!! Personally – focus on establishing a sleep pattern – a rested year with goals on taking on the day. In 2020, I picked up a weighted blanket that has made me sleep through the night and without restlessness. Poor sleep quality may lead to metabolic disorders, weight gain, and increased risk of obesity and other health conditions. I find that the weighted blanket has worked well year round. 2. Exercise!! Get moving no matter what. Every day 20-30 minutes of something (5 times a week). While watching tv or netflix, I typically get up and […]
  • Nth Degree 2020 Inspiration House
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  • Financial Goals 2021
    There are a lot of people who will tell you that you need to invest, you need to save, you need to xyz. It is hard to do those things when you are barely making ends meet. Right now, in COVID time, it is so hard to get ahead….if it is not one thing….it is truly something else. What you can do: look at your situation… take a deep look and make plans to move forward. Think about selling that car, selling that place you live in… make life easier and worry less about what people think. My gorgeous house was sold after 2 years and I was a tad sad about the place (you have seen pics! It was gorgeous) but it is a house….a house is not a home and it is best to let go of the ideal and live with reality. I am in the process of making my new reno better than that one anyway. It is still a process….life is a journey and remember to stay true to you. I hope you continue reading because my goal is to help share a few secrets of mine that have added significant monies back into my […]
  • Crazy, Random, and Interesting Travel Experience: Catching a Cheater
    After getting a lot of requests to start writing about my life experiences and share the stories I tell friends…I am going to slowly venture out…..based on a true personal experience. Back in 2010, I spent a summer out in Las Vegas and the other half in Hawaii – between Kauai and Maui. I spent that summer writing my dissertation and figured that leaving Ohio for a summer was a good bet for writing and researching. So, one may ask….how do you decide on Las Vegas and Hawaii? I went out to Las Vegas as I had a friend out there who worked and planned to get my writing done during the day and planned on 4 weeks to get my research including interviews done during the day and time to walk around at night and sightsee as well as catch a few shows here and there on discount. After 4 weeks, planned to head to Hawaii – 2 weeks in Kauai and 2 weeks in Maui. So….in Las Vegas, my parents and brother were concerned that I was going to be out of Ohio for 8 weeks and wanted to check in on me so they came out to […]
  • 20 Best Classic Christmas Movies to Watch This Holiday Season
    Plan a Christmas movie night with easy ideas, recipes, and 20 Best Christmas Movies, Invite some friends and make it a party! Adults and kids will love this movie countdown! 1. Rudolph 2. Charlie Brown Christmas 3. Home Alone 4. Elf 5. Polar Express 6. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 7. White Christmas 8. The Holiday 9. A Christmas Story 10. How the Grinch Stole Christmas 11. It’s A Wonderful Life 12. The Santa Clause 13. Miracle on 34th Street 14. Love Actually 15. Mickey Christmas 16. Prancer 17. Frosty 18. Christmas Chronicles 19. Fred Clause 20. Die Hard Christmas — time with family and friends is golden. Embrace the opportunity to watch a movie, two, or three this season! Follow me on Instagram Or on my other Social Media SharePin3Tweet3 Shares
  • NYE Captions for Your Instagram Posts
    Put on your best sparkly dress and pop some champagne because New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Focus on the party instead of struggling to find that perfect instagram caption for your final post of the year or the new beginning. 1. 12 New Chapters, 365 new chances 2. Less bitter, more glitter 3. Trust the magic of new beginnings 4. You were my cup of tea, but I drink champagne now 5. Be patient, the universe has your back 6. Page 1 of 365 7. New year, same me- because I’m already fabulous 8. A lot can happen in a year 9. New year, new me 10. Sometimes all we need is a fresh start 11. This is your year to sparkle 12. Trust the magic of new beginnings 13. New Year, New Adventures 14. New Year, Same BFF/ Boyfriend 15. This is OUR year 16. …and the adventure begins yet again 17. 2020 is more money, more laughter, less stress, less negativity, less worry, more love, and know God better 18. New year. New feels. New chances. Same dreams. 19. Sparkling into the new year like… 20. I trust the next chapter, because I know the […]
  • Boots to Add To Your Christmas List
    We are partnering with Mukluk’s for today’s blog It’s almoooost Christmas…and like that… it’s here! I love this time of year for a lot of reasons! The colder temperatures, the sweaters, and most of all boots! This year is a little different than past year’s but shopping from the couch will have to do! Time to dive in and take a look at some amazing boots to pick up this season! Earlier this fall, I was wearing tennis shoes and visited my renovation house and a 4” nail went into my foot. Ended up with a tetanus shot (my last one was 5 years ago) – it was a rusty nail and ended up taking antibiotics and the shot – now I wear boots when going to the house! The pair seen above are Ingrid Boot and I now wear these to my reno house often! Once you find a boot that fits well, you stick with them! Mukluks are an amazing brand and have purchased them for years. The Nikita Boot is so soft and chic. It is almost like wearing a pair of slippers. The Ingrid Boot is perfect for jeans or leggings and can be worn just […]
  • 10 Things I Learned From The Death of my Dad
    If you have followed me for awhile you know that my dad passed almost 7 years ago; 2014 was a rough year and God taught me a lot along the way. A little background to catch you up. 2020 has been a hard year for so many families and friends with death, sickness, and essentially the plague of Covid-19. Before Covid, there was H1N1 – the flu. In 2009, I was so sick and ended up with H1N1 and missed a week of work, was literally unable to function – I can remember my mom dropping off food to my front door and being so concerned; visited the doctor for additional testing and was confirmed H1N1. I had one of the more challenging recoveries…long term – 6 weeks following, I became allergic to nuts, peanuts, fish, and shellfish. Apparently, less than 1% develop allergies after a viral infection (essentially compromised immune system). My family is extremely close. As an educator, I typically have 2 weeks off around Christmas and spend a lot of that time back home with my parents. On Dec 21, 2013- my brother’s birthday – my dad called and let me know that he needed his z […]
  • Navigating home buying/selling process for the first time in awhile
    Having lived in the Columbus, Ohio area 14 years. I have owned a few properties in Columbus, Dublin, and Galena, Ohio. Most recently; sold two houses in 2020 and purchased another. I have partnered with Nth Degree on purchases and selling the properties. The are a lot of real estate agents and Nth Degree provides staging, amazing marketing, and personal connection that makes the difference in real estate transactions. Growing up in a family business of building houses and selling houses; I have been consistently blown away with Neal and Jeff (and their team) on transformation and advice on selling and buying. In case you don’t know how sites like Zillow and Realtor.com work: Realtors pay (and pay BIG ) to get in the rotation for Zillow. They buy a portion of a zip code/s and in turn when you call Zillow to get information on a listing, they farm it out on rotation to one of the realtors who “owns” that zip code. If you already have a realtor that you are going to use or work with, please call them and not Zillow! The realtor who answers your call and potentially takes you out to look at a […]
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2020
    What should you get for the beloved but practical, eccentric, picky people in your life? Sometimes we give gifts because we know our family and friends will love and appreciate them. Sometimes we give gifts because we feel obligated; choosing a gift from a registry; or perhaps scouring the gift shop for a souvenir as a form of a memory. This first set are things I would like to have and made myself a deal that when I finish the blog article, I will start shopping 😉 Elemis Products 30% off Elemis Products are amazing. For the woman who has everything – these skin products are great and brighten your skin and the presentation of lotion and face cleaner. H&M Gift Ideas H&M gift items are affordable and currently 30-50% off – thoughtful and sweet gifts that are budget friendly for him or her. These gifts are sure to impress. Adidas Shoes 25% off These Adidas shoes are currently 25% off and are currently in stock. They were recently restocked. The leopard design is extremely popular for the female who has everything! Target Boots Target Boots are between $29-$44 dollars and most are designer dupes for a fraction of the […]
  • Staying Healthy Between the Pandemic, Back to School, Flu Season, and Winter Coming!
    Sleep plays an important role in our health and these days it is more important than ever to keep our immune systems as healthy as can be. Lack of sleep can affect your immune system and studies show that people who don’t get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick and/or take longer to recover. In a recent survey of women across the USA conducted by WomenCertified Inc, data shows:  81% of women believe a good night’s sleep contributes to her overall health.  94% of women believe that the right mattress will prevent tossing and turning thereby helping her sleep better 43% of women said that increasing sleep discomfort followed by 21% who said needing to change the size of the mattress was a reason to look for a new mattress  40% of women surveyed believe that you should replace a mattress every 10 years.  78% of women stated cost was a reason for prolonging the decision to change a mattress followed by 36% who felt that their mattress was still in good condition after 10 years Top sleep challenges prohibiting women from getting a good night sleep were: Back/joint pain, temperature (getting too hot/cold) and a […]

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