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Perfect Gift for Going Back to School

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The start of school is expensive….whether you are a teacher, parent, or college kid….it is one of the most financially exhausting times of the year.

There are those times during the school year when you will need help….whether it is that meeting you have at work and the neighbor gets your kid or traffic was bad and that teacher kindly stayed with your child when everyone else left, or that grandparent who always goes above and beyond…keep these people on your team.

While the money gates are open, remember to keep the babysitters, grandparents, and teachers in mind when school is starting….a little gift goes a long way!

I am huge believer in rewarding those who are in my tribe and are kind – they are always willing to go that extra mile….

Lovery Gifts have a variety of amazing baskets and I highly recommend them. Prices vary based on budget and a coupon code with your first purchase is a win. I keep one on hand – just in case so I am prepared for that amazing gift that did not break the bank. Check them out www.lovery.com And on instagram @loverygifts

I would also mention it is a great gift to send that college kid or a friend who lives far away! Let me know if you have any questions. I highly recommend the products and love the packaging !



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5 Reasons You Should Pick Up SojoS Vision Photochromatic (Transition) Glasses

Reading Time: 1 minute

  1. Convenient: These glasses can be worn inside and outside and can be kept on all day.
  2. UV Protection: If you are wearing these glasses sun protection is covered at all times.
  3. Money Savings: All in one glasses for sun and for regular vision.
  4. Affordability: The leopard pair SJ9001 were $19.68 and the gold pair SJ5023 were a bit more expensive (but still very reasonable) at $39.99.
  5. Less Eye Strain: These glasses offer anti-blue light protection that reduces eye strain and headaches.

Things to Consider:

Cold Temperatures can cause the darkening and lightening to take a bit longer.

SJ 5023
SJ 9001

For the low price of $20-$40 for these glasses, they are affordable and very cute to wear. I wear contacts and wear them with these glasses and have found that the eye strain I typically experience by staring at my computer is less and I definitely have less headaches.

For more information on SojoS Vision Click Here

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5 Reasons on why to buy the FabFitFun Box!

Reading Time: 3 minutes
  1. Indulgence. Everyone needs a little luxury now and then and this is the perfect “gift” that shows up on your door 4 times a year. This gift includes $200 worth of items each time for less than $50 per season.
  2. FOMO: Fear of Missing Out: This box contains some of the hottest and best trends in the beauty and shopping world. The items in the box range from beauty products like hair masks, facial masks, body scrubs, kimonos, teeth whitening products, fitness items, and more.
  3. Great Value. Earlier I mentioned that the box includes over $200 worth of items per box and you are getting it for less than $50. Excellent value that appears on your doorstep 4 times a year.
  4. Choice. When you join the FabFitFun Membership, you get to choose some of the options per season. If you do not select any options, they will be chosen for you. You are also given the option (if you like two in that category) can purchase the additional item(s) for $5-$15. The price is always listed.
  5. Girl Scout Cookie Effect. These items can all be for you, BUT everyone feels better when you feel as their giving to others, and especially when something is promised something in return. This can definitely be the case for this box as you will receive at least 8 items and you may not love them all; you can “pre-shop” for Christmas, a birthday, or save for that office worker that you need to buy for, but have no idea what to buy….this actually will keep several “gifts” on hand for the unexpected need.
Example of the Summer Box
Example of the Summer Box – different selections

Please keep in mind that the time of ordering until shipment may be a week or two. Know that sometimes it does take a little bit, but it is definitely a win that you will love!

Below is my box from the summer!

If you just sign up for one box or cancel the membership, you may not be able to select the items for the box; once you sign up for annual membership you can.

Below are the selections I have chosen for the Fall Box!

Ready to find out more? Click Here to find out more: use vacation10, beachbabe, or heatwave. I will continue to post the new codes per season!

Happy Shopping!


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15 Easy Instagram Spots in NYC (in less than 12 hours)

Reading Time: 3 minutes

1. Washington and Water Street (DUMBO)

2. York Street Subway on the Way to Washington & Water Street (Murals)

3. Washington Square Park & 5th

4. Nomo Soho (9 Crosby Street)

5. Graffiti on a Wall (Outside Nomo Soho)

6. Staten Island Ferry Ride with The Statute of Liberty

7. NYC Food or Amazing View

Below from the Mandarin Oriental (Central Park-35th Floor) The View, the Dessert, and Chihuly Glass. (80 Columbus Circle)

8. Audrey Hepburn Mural (176 Mulberry)

9. Mickey Mouse Mural (E. Houston and Mott)

10. A Pic in the Subway

11. Rockefeller Center

12. Skyline of NYC (taken on Staten Island Ferry)

13. Central Park (Bow Bridge)

14. Times Square/ Theater District

15. Any random spot that matches a part of your outfit (World Trade Center Area)

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How To Spend 1-2 Days In Barcelona

Reading Time: 4 minutes

How to Spend 1-2 Days in Barcelona

Whether you are just visiting Barcelona for an entire day or you are boarding a cruise ship in Barcelona with time on both sides of the trip and are not sure what to do; there is so much to do and see. It is recommended that you do the things most important to you first so you do not miss out on those things.  Do not wait until the afternoon or late in the day as some shops may close early or you will find delays with travel to the destination, long lines, or unforeseen circumstances. Many shops are closed on Sundays, so it is advisable to look over the list of places you want to visit and check times and days of operation.

Barcelona for a Short Visit

In order to save some time figuring out the easiest way to get to many spots; the Hop On / Hop Off Bus provides service to each of the famous sites every 20-30 minutes. The price of two days is usually the same price as one day. Here is a map of the stops. 

The Hop On / Hop Off Bus is also a good way to become familiar with Barcelona; you can stay on the bus the entire time and get acclimated to the city; then when you start to repeat; get off and sightsee. The drop offs and pick ups are well – marked. My advice is to ride it to the Sagrada Familia first, then ride the entire route without getting off; headphones are provided in several languages and you can learn about the city.

Sagrada Familia  


Sagrada Familia is a large Catholic Church in Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain. Gaudi gets the credit for the architecture.

Is one of the best and most famous sites in Barcelona. It is advisable to go early in the morning as lines can be a few hours and tickets are limited. In order to avoid this, there is an option with the Hop On/Hop Off Bus to get a VIP entrance ticket for Sagrada Familia.

Placa de Catalunya 

This is in the heart of Barcelona. It is where the old town meets the new areas; lots of shopping and a spot for tourists and residents. If you take a taxi anywhere in the city or ride the bus, you will pass by many historical spots.

La Ramblas

This is famous for the tree-lined sidewalks. Lots of shopping; locals and tourists are both in this area; amazing food (tapas). La Ramblas has so many food choices and all of them are delicious. The prices in Barcelona are comparable with France, the Netherlands, and Germany. Food costs are 1.5x the typical American cost.

Casa Mila

This translates as the stone quarry. It was Gaudi’s residence until his death. It is a World UNESCO Heritage Site.

Casa Batilo

This translates as the House of Bones. This is located near Avinguda Diagonal.

In Barcelona, you will find yourself wandering around and grabbing a coffee or sitting at a cafe watching people stroll. Take the time to enjoy your surroundings.

Additional Museums and Places to Visit:

Columbus Monument

Picasso Museum

Santa Maria Del Mar

Barcelona Cathedral

Magic Fountain

If you are looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary, you may be interested in Montserrat

Shopping Areas:

The Portal de l’Àngel

Passeig de Gracia

Guide to Avinguda Diagonal

Additional Places of Interest:

Hard Rock Cafe

Barcelona Beaches

Soccer Fans


There are so many wonderful places to visit in Barcelona. This is a short list and after you visit, you may have some different recommendations! Enjoy the journey!