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Silver Linings…

First off, I am learning and researching all I can during this pandemic and have really gotten the education of a lifetime….in more ways than one.

Dating – so who knew in a pandemic it would be a feast or a famine? No joke. I am researching the dating world ..not fully committing myself to the road quite yet but have been doing my homework and venturing out minimally…..

Okay..so the dating world now is so different than 5 years ago – now you swipe and if you swipe wrong you can shake your phone and undo the bad swipe! I mean – who knew? Also, dating is now video chats! Saves time and you can bolt sooner or choose to invest!! Win – Win!

Here is my research so far….

First, dog 🐕 fishing – it is when someone has borrowed a dog for their profile. No joke. This is a thing and encountered two profiles when I asked about the dog – “oh its my friends or people look more attractive with dogs” – yes this is true but I don’t envision men doing this.

Second, Jekylling – it is when someone is sweet and kind and on a dime changes to mean and not flexible – aggressive and anger comments – almost inflammatory when a disagreement or difference of opinions takes place – happens a lot with texting.

Third, Ghosting – let me say – I had my first experience of ghosting! It was so surreal quite honestly. I liked the guy – had two dates and then crickets -at first I was taken back..then actually was like – does he have COVID? So..back in 1998, I had a guy supposed to meet me for studying Calculus III exam and he did not show. I did not get a call or text and come to find out – on the way to my house – he was in a motorcycle accident on 675 and nearly died – critical care for 3 days…anyway, I first jumped to “what a jerk” but that reality check woke me up – since then always tried to give the benefit of the doubt since that experience- So now at 40 – how old are you to ghost? And you really aren’t that busy….anyway, I did hear back after 4 days…but what can you really want with someone who’s ghosting you? You cannot educate those who ghost – if they don’t care enough to be honest – you need to move on and there will always be people perpetuating this stereotype of non-consideration- bye felicia 👋

Fourth, Glam-Boozled – you spent your time showering, getting your hair done, nails are checked and he cancels a the 11th hour and you have put in the effort to go out…so does he have a real excuse or not?

Fifth, Dial- Toning – you give out your number – person texts and you do not respond. Don’t be that person. Just be honest.

Sixth, the Texting Machine – you and he text all the time and talk but no game. Recognize this player as a player and enjoy the context but know “he probably is not that into you” – most likely compliments, supports, and listens – rarely talks of the future

Seventh, Kanye -ing. This is the person who is larger than life. Has the ability to make you king or queen and drops you for the craziest things. This person may not have a filter but is a rollercoaster – good and bad.

Eighth, Ex Life – this is the one who returned during quarantine because they know you and don’t want to be alone. Not long lasting – just here for circumstance

Ninth, Quantini – you would not be together under any other situation. You were just the best option right now. The criteria they normally have has been thrown out.

The silver linings are plentiful….and here are my takeaways…

1. It’s my job to be myself. The right people will gravitate. It’s not my job to be likeable.

2. I have enjoyed quarantine as much as possible – quite honestly – (outside of missing travel) it is has been a glorious 6 months – I enjoy being home, love working from home, multi- task like a queen and have reduced the clutter in my daily life.

3. I get asked …don’t you wish you were married with kids – to be honest, don’t you wish you were single and could make a mess, not do homework, eat ice cream, drive around, and do you 24/7? Shopping with me at the grocery or even for shoes can be kid like – I do me and if I only want to eat vegetables for a week or want chicken every night…that’s how I roll…

4. To answer the question above, I do want to find someone and spend my life with someone who makes me better and challenges me and is not competing with me – I know a lot of people who have settled and are miserable – I have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt… It will happen when it’s supposed to

5. I trust that God has my back. Sometimes the best things in life are unanswered prayers.

6. Prioritize you: It has been great being apart of 3 articles this year:

Feedpost Beauty Top 150 Influencer

Entrepreneur Magazine – 10 Entrepreneurs Who Shattered the Glass Ceiling

USA Today – Top 9 Influencer – see below.

7. Focus on the things you can control – let the other things go. You will end up exactly where you need to be, not necessarily where you want to be.

8. After the rain, there will be a rainbow.



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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best Sale Items & Lookalike Dupes – Back to School Savings Starts Here With @trendyheidi and Trendy With A Passport

The Nordstrom Boot at $99

The Nordstrom Dupe at $24

The Nordstrom Ugg at $45

The Nordstrom Dupe – several colors $15

The Free People Mock Turtleneck

The Nordstrom Dupe

The Nordstrom Bootie $99

The Nordstrom Bootie Dupe

The Gucci Bag at $1100

The Gucci Dupe

Nordstrom Rails Top

Nordstrom Dupe

Nordstrom Pencil Skirt

Nordstrom Pencil Skirt Dupe

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Steve Madden $69

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Nordstrom Blanket $50

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Nordstrom Boot $208

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Nordstrom Henley $68

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Madewell Sweater $69

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Doc Martens Dupe $19

Nordstrom Shoe $49

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Nordstrom Viking Pots & Pans $349

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Spanx $64

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Nordstrom Barefoot Dreams Dupe $25

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Nordstrom Fleece

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Nordstrom Mini Skirt $125

Nordstrom Dupe $25

Nordstrom Coat

Nordstrom Dupe $20 or https://rstyle.me/cz-n/ef8p2pcmec7

Nordstrom Jacket

Nordstrom Dupe $27

Nordstrom Coat

Nordstrom Dupe

Nordstrom $99

Nordstrom Dupe $23

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Walmart Finds Under $25

Walmart Under $25 is always a win.

This cute lil dress click here
Wearing a medium

This tan dress
Wearing a medium
This Black Dress
Wearing a Large
This pink dress
Wearing a Large
The pants outfit
Jeans 8, Top Large
Polka dot dress outfit
Wearing Medium (would size up)
This red dress
Wearing a medium
Leopard Sequin Dress
Wearing a medium (would size up)

I really liked each of these dresses for different reasons and for the price; you can’t beat it. The jeans are fun and are definitely a change from my skinny jeans or leggings.

What dress do you like best? I think I like the gold one the best….or the hot pink!

Happy Walmarting!


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Shoe Dupes This Week

I don’t know about you but I really like shoes and sometimes it is worth it to splurge on the amazing pair you want and sometimes…it is hard to justify the cost.

Here are a few cute dupes

The Doc Marten Dupes Click Here

Nordstrom Dupes Click Here
Nordstrom wedge dupes
Nordstrom Ugg Dupes

Dsw Leopard Dupes

Dsw Dupes
Nordstrom Rain Boot Dupe
Slip On shoes
Bootie Dupes

Here are just a few of this week’s shoe dupes. Follow me @trendyheidi @trendywithapassport on instagram or Liketoknow.it/trendyheidi

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My Instagram Was Hacked; A Wake Up Call From First Hand Experience.

Last Saturday I was sitting on the couch and a message came through stating that a computer had accessed my Instagram Account

So as soon as I see this, An alert states that my email address has been changed

So I click, secure you account here and it states no users found. This means my name and instagram have been stolen.

I take to the internet and found an article from Fun Life Crisis about the instagram hacking that happened to them and think back to how my account was compromised…..

I remember earlier in the day getting a collaboration offer and filling out basic information, then clicking to authenticate instagram for analytics. Yep…mistake! The link was a fake instagram page (it looked real and later when I back, realized it was when my information was stolen- see below)

A couple hours later I receive an email and a follow up stating that I need to pay $315

Within an hour another email came (same person) but the change of person shows instagram and it is not really instagram.

As I cannot log into instagram, I go to my other instagram account to see @trendyheidi and see this….

When you type in your username or phone or anything…

This causes immense panic – so you go to instagram help and submit a ticket.

Instagram did send a message about taking a picture of you with a code they send.

For me, I received a message back stating the information did not match. This is not surprising since the hacker changed my email, birthday, And all identifiable information.

I responded To instagram but got nothing back. I posted on my other account and this is where it gets creepy. I had two people message me about a guy who could help. (Support@instagram.com no longer works)

Whenever I consider collaboration, I do look at the instagram accounts (which this one has and a lot of followers and responses) so again, nothing that stood out. When it asked to authorize instagram to check analytics – I have done this with bigger platforms and this is when my account was stolen. The person below is the person who lied and offered to help but took my money – more on this below.

This is the person I chose after getting messages to my account like below (Both of these are fake accounts and were the ones that duped me)

As I stated, this is where it gets creepy…this Emily was following my other page (not the one hacked) for at least 6 months and responded on occasion. Like any social media messaging, this person had interactions with me and did not just appear to save the day. See how creepy this is??

So here is where I am a little embarrassed- this guy Tyler said no money then asked for some money for telecommunication card because you cannot hack in the US and his friend would do it- so I bought Steam Cards, then he mentioned his friend needed a special Ss7 card and I paid his friend, and then another Steam Card, and then supposedly had the account and did want compensation through bitcoin. So all of this was around $500 – yes I got duped and yes, I feel a little dumb, BUT there are good people out there but these two were not good people. (I am out the money but lessons learned) The accounts changed after I was duped to almost no information and after that, another person reached out (I suspect the hacker is the same person who had these accounts and did get my $500 dollars) I knew My limit going in was $500 and it is a lot of money but I knew there was a possibility I would be duped….and yes, I was.

In the meantime I kept messaging instagram and wrote the CEO trying to get a response.

HOPE- so I have done giveaways with a person and she referred to a person and the person she referred me to- also had a hacked account that was gotten back so I reached out to her on the process. The good thing is I knew she was real as I did giveaways with her in the past and trusted these two people!

She handed along the information and I reached out Juan – I let him Know I was already duped and not giving any money til insta was back with me. Juan helped me get my account and I can honestly say that without him I would still not have my account.

Juan is amazing and it did cost some money to get the account back, but he was trustworthy and helped me through the process. If you are hacked, click the link above and tell him @trendyheidi sent you – he will give you a good deal ❤️

So after all of this….I am relieved, a bit frustrated, but thankful. I am thankful no one was hurt and my instagram was returned. I also learned a lot about hackers and the games they play.

Tips When Your Account Is Stolen…

1. Read blog posts

2. Secure the account if you can (change password, email password)

3. Reach Out to Instagram immediately providing detailed information

4. Reach out on Facebook through ads

5. Take a clear pic when instagram messages you back

6. Identify how it happened

7. Try to solve on your own but if not, seek help

8. Find reputable person to help

9. When you get the account back – change passwords

10. Figure out how not to make the same mistake

So…the question is….what am I doing now?

Downloaded the Duo Mobile App that verifies login to your instagram account. The app is free. You download it and log into instagram.

Go to Settings


Two factor Verification

Text Message Off

Authentication App On

A code comes through and you type it in instagram and you are done.

This will allow you to block anyone trying to get into your account.

Feel free to reach out me if you have questions @trendyheidi or @trendywithapassport on instagram

Please follow my sites and below I will add Juan’s info – just let him know @trendyheidi sent you!!

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Juan’s Information