About Me

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About Me

Trendy With A Passport was created as a way to share my love of travel and fashion with people. Over time, there have been many questions on what to do or what to see and this site will serve as a way to share this information.

I have always loved to go. I can remember my favorite childhood memories are going places and experiencing new things. I lost my father a few years ago from the flu and it was completely unexpected. Our family vacations, trips, and experiences have helped with the healing process.

I continue to travel and discover. I challenge you to stop procrastinating, start making memories, and worry about the cost later. Life is too short; when there is a will, there is a way to pay for it. The smallest change in your life can make the largest difference.

Think about birthdays and gift giving in general; an experience such as a zoo membership, concert, or a theme park with you is a far better gift than an expensive toy. 

This blog will have many opinions and many ideas; take the good and forget the bad! 

If you have questions or ideas, please message me.




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