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What You Need to Know If You Have Student Loans and Are On Public Loan Forgiveness Plan

Any public servants out there? Any public servants with student loans and on the loan forgiveness train?
From March 13, 2020 til Sept 30, 2020 your loans are in forbearance.
What you need to know: do not pay during this time if you meet the criteria above (public service loan forgiveness)
You will get credit for April, May, June, July, August, and September as if you paid but they have stopped auto withdrawal so 5 months of no payments & credit as if you paid!!
You do not have this added to the 10 years – it is waived – thank you government.
To recap: if you are on autopay, you do nothing – it stopped for you. Do not make payments because you are paying for nothing (overpaying) and that money can be saved to use later or a nice gift for you.
So what if I have student loans but am not public service.. – so what does this mean? 0% during this time so if you pay – 100% goes to the principal which means you will see a drop in what you owe sooner …depending on your circumstance – you can pay it down, pay off some bills, or enjoy the 5 months of no payment.

COVID-19 Relief for Student Loan Borrowers

Last Updated: Friday, April 10, 2020

As we navigate the challenges posed by the spread of COVID-19, we remain committed to supporting borrowers.

We are working diligently to enact all benefits as provided by the CARES Act and will have customer accounts updated as soon as possible. No action is required on your part at this time. Should you have any questions, sign in to your online account or contact us for assistance.

0% Interest for Student Loans

  • The interest rate on all federally held student loans serviced by FedLoan Servicing will temporarily be reduced to 0% until September 30, 2020.
  • FedLoan Servicing will automatically adjust accounts so that interest doesn’t accrue (i.e., accumulate). The account adjustment will be effective March 13, 2020.
  • This 0% interest rate change will be applied to all federally held loans in any status (in school, in grace, in repayment, in deferment/forbearance, etc.).

Temporary Suspension of Payments

  • All borrowers will automatically be placed on an administrative forbearance which will temporarily suspend monthly payments. 
  • The administrative forbearance will last from March 13, 2020, through Sept. 30, 2020.
  • A borrower can request that this administrative forbearance be removed at any time. If the forbearance is removed, required payments will resume.

Payments (including Direct Debit)

  • Direct Debit payments are automatically suspended during the administrative forbearance.
  • Any payments (Direct Debit or otherwise) processed between March 13, 2020, and Sept. 30, 2020, can be refunded; refund requests can be made by contacting us.
  • Borrowers still have the option to make manual payments (i.e., via Account Access or mobile app) on their loans to make progress toward reducing their balance. Payments can be the full amount or a partial amount.

NOTE: If payments are made during the period of 0% interest (March 13, 2020, through Sept. 30, 2020), the full amount of your payments will be applied to principal once all the interest that accrued prior to March 13 is paid.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) & Income-Driven Repayment (IDR)

  • Borrowers with a Direct Loan, whom are on a qualifying repayment plan prior to the suspension, and work full-time for a qualifying employer during the suspension, will receive credit toward PSLF for the period of suspension as though on-time monthly payments were made.
  • Borrowers currently on an IDR plan will have suspended payments count toward IDR forgiveness.

Questions please ask!

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Why the Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Should be Part of Your Next Shopping List

In a time when the economy is unstable and shopping trips are limited; conscious shopping takes priority. Saving money with the Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback!

In order to be completely transparent, The post is sponsored by Gamma2 Vittles Vault but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The Vittles Vault Outback was added to my shopping list for a few reasons:

1. Stores the entire 40 pound of dog food in a sealed convenient storage bin.

2. Can be stored inside the house, in the garage or even outdoors.

3. Prevents the smell of dog food outside the container.

4. Is stackable and comes with a scoop.

5. Keeps the food fresh and is BPA Free

6. The Gamma2 Vittles Outback Container can be flipped up or down depending on your needs. It can fit in a regular sized cabinet.

The Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Container is a lifesaver. After getting a large bag of dog food; I dump the food into the container and spin on the lid. The scoop holds 1.5 cups. The Vault Outback can be stacked for food, snacks or different food for different dogs. There are different sizes and different shapes depending on your needs. It is reusable and no unwrapping a dog food bag daily. The food stays fresh, no waste, and no pests can get in so no wasted food. Feeding is easy – just grab the scoop and put in Coco’s bowl and we are off and running. Mealtime is a lot more organized and convenient.

Product Information if You Want to Buy:

More details located 👉https://ooh.li/c88f89f

Product Name: Vittles Vault Outback Stackable Food Storage Container

Description: https://www.petmate.com/vittles-vault-outback-stackable-food-storage-container/product/VV07


Value: $30.00 – $49.00

Product Name: Vittles Vault Outback Food Storage Container

Description: https://www.petmate.com/vittles-vault-outback-food-storage-container/product/VV05


Value: $30.00 – $49.00

Product Name: Vittles Vault Pawprint Outback Food Storage Container

Description: https://www.petmate.com/vittles-vault-pawprint-outback-food-storage-container/product/VV04


Value: $15.00 – $29.00

I have been told a few items above are sold out – linked on Amazon through Liketoknow.it 👇👇👇


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How to Get to Hawaii from Columbus, Ohio for $22.40

Traveling to Hawaii and not spending a fortune makes for the best vacation! The simple task of applying for a credit card and getting to Hawaii for $22.40 makes it all worth it. Read below to get started.

Click Here to Apply

Above is a link that will make life a lot cheaper to get to Hawaii from the United States.

I live in Columbus, Ohio and have gone to Hawaii 10 times since 2007 – Southwest has recently started flying here and making life a lot cheaper. Let me explain below…

Step 1: Apply for the Above Credit Card (I do receive small credit and this helps me continue writing)

Step 2: Understand what you have to do. Spend $1000 within 3 months. Get 40,000 miles round trip.

Step 3: If you have a significant other, you want them to click the same link and do the same thing. Do not have them added to your card. +5000 is not the same as +40,000 miles

Step 4: Get flying

There are a few ways to get to Hawaii from Ohio but my recommendation is to go to Hawaii from Las Vegas. Flights to Vegas from Columbus, Ohio generally run around $200 roundtrip. The flight roundtrip to Hawaii is usually $588 to $1500 depending.

I recommend figuring out the days you want to be in Hawaii – and booking that first.

Please note that being flexible makes life a lot easier. Holidays and typically busy dates will not work for minimal spends…

This is from the Southwest App –

Leaving LAS to HNL for 11,203 points one way

Returning May 8 from 1:15 pm to 11:46 pm for 13,134

Per person 24,337 miles from Las Vegas to HNL roundtrip

Now to get to Las Vegas…

One way to get from Columbus to Las Vegas is to go Spirit Airlines or book via Southwest. Depending on miles – I can pay roundtrip or do points one way and pay the other. There are options. The total from this trip ends up being 46,106 miles and for getting the credit card – it ends up with me deficient 6,106 miles so buying roundtrip on another airline or buying one way on Southwest or paying roundtrip can also work.

So from CMH to LAS is 11,320 miles

The cheapest return is 10,449 miles from Las to CMH

Keep in mind – booking this way – you will need hotel stay or you will need to plan on staying at the airport…but hotels are pretty cheap in Vegas.

Total miles:

CMH to LAS 11,320

LAS to CMH 10,449

LAS to HNL 11,203

HNL to LAS 13,134

Total 46,106 miles and $11.20 and $11.20

You can’t book from Columbus to Hawaii so you will have to pay tax two times but essentially – $22.40 for a free flight is a win!

If you use your Southwest Card for hotel bookings – sometimes it is a great deal – last weekend- I stayed at a Wyndham in Orlando for $149 for the night and it allowed me to get 4,000 points on my Southwest Card. This is well worth it. Helps make up the points to cover the Hawaii flight.

What I recommend…..

Know these deals are not July 4th weekend or Christmas – you will pay a lot of miles to do that but if you can plan for Thanksgiving or Easter – these times are easier to book with miles. I will also suggest that when the windows open – you can typically land a good deal. I always save my miles – so I would spend an extra month or two then pay with miles for the entire trip. Remember if flying from Columbus – you will have to book to Las Vegas and then from Vegas to Hawaii.

If you are deadset on a time frame and you have enough miles to book from Las Vegas to Hawaii but not enough from Columbus – go ahead and book it – Southwest lets you cancel without penalty and bags travel free – so there is no loss.

I do not typically shop from the Southwest Portal – I do book some hotels there but most of the time – hotels.com as you stay 10 nights and get the 11th free. I have attained good status there and have had positive experiences.

*With many airline credit cards, there are annual fees – depending on the Southwest Card you choose $59-$149.

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Click Here to get Started for the Southwest Card

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13 Ways to Style Leggings

I have embraced the leggings craze and have found that it works well for all occasions. From athletic wear to work style- leggings are a must.

There are a variety of leggings out there….everything from the $2.00 pair all the way to over $145.

I have tried all different types of leggings and my stamp of approval comes from 4 price categories. The Meijer brand – MTA is quite amazing. These run about $12.00 and are perfect for working out and wearing out for errands. Another good brand I like is Zella Leggings – usually can snatch these up at Nordstrom Rack for $25.00 or Nordstrom on major sale. They are great. The third pair is Spanx – always buy on sale for $64. These are more shiny and packs you into the pant and shows no lumps or bumps. The last pair is $75 on sale – Alo Yoga Pants – these are amazing and soft. I purchased mine at Nordstrom Rack and are so comfortable.

So the picture above shows 13 ways to wear leggings. Tried and true. In these pictures are a combination of all 4 Brands that I mentioned. If you were to ask me which one I would buy if I had to choose just one…I would go with the Spanx. They are middle of the road in cost and do a great job of keeping a great physique no matter if you are slouching, eating cookies, or are not wearing a long tunic. Feel free to let me know your favorite leggings!

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The Succulents Box

I recently received @thesucculentsbox that came with 4 darling succulents and I am beyond impressed. Here they are on the dining room table.

A closer look to examine how pretty they are

I was impressed with the quality. Each was individually wrapped, included directions, and had an information sheet about the type of succulent.

I love plants but the biggest issue I run into is over watering or under watering plants…these succulents need very little water in the winter and minimal the rest of the year. Makes managing plant life much easier! The care directions also explain exposure to sunlight and the needs of the plants.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who has everything or a treat for yourself….the Succulents Box is highly recommended.

Check them out on instagram @thesucculentsbox or

http://www.succulentsbox.com and use LOVEPLANTS for 15% off a subscription.

Let me know if you pick them up and your thoughts!