Paddle Glow Through An Abandoned Mine In a Clear Kayak in Kentucky

The ultimate kayaking adventure comes to you in Red River Gorge, Kentucky where you will experience a clear kayak in an abandoned limestone mine that even includes an underground waterfall.

Located an hour from Lexington, Kentucky.

The mine was used for limestone until it was closed. A few years ago the mine was sold for $20,000 abandoned, old, filled with water, and of no real value until the buyer realized it had unique potential – the potential of exploration, kayaking and paddle boarding.

So what is the experience like?

Upon check- in, it was about 95 degrees outside and inside the mine – it is around 55 degrees and the water is the same.

After adding a few layers of clothing including a life vest and helmet – we were ready for the safety briefing.

Inside the mine, it is very dark and the headlamp definitely serves to keep you from falling as you navigate the walk to the flooded cavern.

For those who love Stranger Things.. this really is a moment of The Upside Down. Along the way we received some information about the history of the area and the mine.

My version of The Upside Down

As mentioned, it is 50 degrees in the cave and a jacket, leggings, tennis shoes were sufficient. We did opt for renting the neoprene socks (wear your socks and put these over them)- highly recommend as you cannot wear your shoes in the clear kayaks. Socks will not be warm enough.

As you get on your kayak, you can share one with another person; can have your own, or you can paddleboard. At the time of loading, you get to pick your color of light under your kayak.

There are plenty of kayak options and if you book with paddle boarding but opt to kayak; you do not have to let them know. They have plenty available. 8 people per tour and two guides.

Rainbow trout were added to the mine and you are not allowed to fish 🐠 these are to add an element to the mine. They are fed daily and you can see them under your kayak and next to you as are in the mine.

The tour is about an hour and includes an underground waterfall. There are Kentucky brown bats but usually are seen in the winter – during the summer, rare sightings in the mine.

SupKentucky was the outfitter we went through. The glow cavern experience is an hour and a half start to finish, includes at least two personal pictures, and anyone above age 3 can go. Adults $75 and children $25. Max 8 per tour.

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As fall approaches, they do a special Halloween scary edition for the month of October! if you go, please share some information and pictures! We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend.


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