The Perfect Socially Distanced Vacation: Luxury Treehouse in Central Ohio

In a normal year, my travel is filled with adventures and travel throughout the year. From Dubai to New Zealand to Bora Bora to Patagonia or Safari in Africa; typically at least two or three trips of a lifetime planned each year.

The start of 2020 – thankfully two trips to Disney and a short work trip to Boston…then Covid…my vacation to the Maldives, Antarctica, Glacier Kayaking were all cancelled. Instead of 40 epic trips for my 40th birthday – I am learning about local Take-out like Grubhub and DoorDash.

This has not been the year of travel or the year of fun. So far, since March, two short boating trips to Lake Cumberland and that has been it.

After almost 9 months of no real travel, it was time to take a trip! Todd and I discussed a two night getaway and our plan was to stay safe, stay close to home, and to avoid people because of covid and to stay well limiting as many interactions as possible.

The Mohicans

The Mohicans is a popular wedding destination near Mohican State Park – they offer treehouses, cabins, and a barn. It is located in Glenmont, Ohio – about 1.5 hours from Columbus, Ohio. After some discussion, Todd and I opted for the treehouses.

Luxury Treehouses

Luxury treehouses at the Mohicans is like staying in a tiny house with all the upscale modern amenities known to man. From the outside, these treehouses can be deceptive – definitely masterful in design and maximization of space.

The Mohicans offers 9 Treehouses; each with a unique design, furnishings, and amenities.

1. Little Red Treehouse: featured on Animal Planet – Treehouse Masters – Pete Nelson designed two places. Sleeps 2.

2. Old Pine Treehouse: 1 bedroom (queen) and loft (queen). Sleeps 4.

3. El Castillo: 1 loft (King). Murphy hideaway on main floor (queen). Sleeps 4.

4. The View: Loft bedroom (full and queen). Sleeps 4.

5. White Oak: 1 bedroom (queen) and loft (2 queen). Sleeps 6.

6. Moonlight: 1 bedroom main floor (queen) and loft (queen). Sleeps 4.

7. Tin Shed: 1 loft bedroom (2 queen beds). Sleeps 4.

8. The Nest: Single room suite (queen). Sleeps 2.

9. The Silver Bullet: 1 Queen Bedroom. Sleeps 2.

The treehouses sleep 2-6 people and are ideal for that much needed getaway. Every treehouse has parking, includes fire pit, and outdoor space whether a patio, deck, chairs or daybed.

The View Treehouse: Night 1

In order to book, you click the Book Now – and you can book your stay. Once you fill out the waiver and confirm your stay, you receive a code for your stay. There is a keypad on each front door.

We stayed at The View Treehouse that opened in 2020. We drove from Columbus and followed GPS to the exact location. The main driveway has signs that tell you the direction of each treehouse.

What Is the Treehouse Like?

The View Treehouse has incredible windows, small kitchen, bar eating area overlooking the trees, and a loft bedroom with 2 beds. The bathroom is fully functioning; including toilet, shower, and sink. There is a large deck and patio with a fire pit.

Interior Amenities:

Indoor Full Bathroom, Outdoor Shower (warm weather), Kitchen (plates, silverware, cookware, sink ware, mini fridge, toaster, coffee maker, electric cooktop, hot water, tv/dvd (bring dvds- no cable or satellite), grill, electric heat, linens and towels. Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner is provided. Hair Dryer also available.

The View Treehouse
The Living Room
The Living Room at The View
The Kitchen at the View
The Stairs to the Loft
The Loft

What You Should Bring:

Kitchen: ice, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, ziploc bags, paper towels, cooking items, roasters, blenders, snacks, beverages.

What About Food?

There is a small kitchen and you can cook. We took advantage of the amazing new option! In house catering! Just like DoorDash and Grubhub – the in house catering option was absolutely amazing!

Treehouse Provisions provided the most amazing feast for the two night stay. Our order consisted of:

  • Garlic and Parmesan Wings
  • Ribeye with roasted potatoes and veggies
  • Drew’s famous Mac & Cheese
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Big Salad
Basket Containing Dinner
The magnificent feast

Chef Drew Slane prepared the most amazing meal – his background as a graduate of Arizona Culinary Institute in Scottsdale, well versed in Mexican, Asian, French, Italian, Mediterranean, African, and American cuisine – executed amazing meal based on my dietary restrictions of allergy to peanuts, nuts, fish, and shellfish.

Amazing Ribeye and Veggies
Salad with several dressing options

As a world traveler, the meal provided me an opportunity to feel like I was traveling as the food was delicious, was hands down some of the best food I have eaten and really hit the 5 Star Status. Highly recommend choosing to order your food. You will thank me later!

Enjoying dinner

The Silver Bullet: Airstream Treehouse

So, I have always wanted to stay in an airstream and a treehouse. While 2020 was a bit of a bust for travel, I was able to mark these two items off my bucket list by staying at the Silver Bullet and it was incredible.

What was it like to stay in the Airstream Treehouse?

The Silver Bullet has one bedroom, kitchen, steam shower (extra large) and small kitchen. There is a DVD player and tv (no cable or satellite) and the large table made it perfect for cards, food, and movie watching.

It was perfect to start the New Year with snow falling and twinkle lights inside the airstream. The decor was exquisite. The beds were very comfortable- you are not experiencing a “roughing it experience” rather a rejuvenating, beautiful adventure in a treehouse with all modern amenities and stylish decor.

The Airstream Treehouse
Todd and I checking out the Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet Table
Steam Shower in the Silver Bullet
Sleeping Quarters

How to Book a Stay at the Mohicans

Go to The Mohicans website – select Treehouse and you can directly book. These treehouses have been featured on Animal Planet and are extremely popular – plan ahead and book early. Prices start around $300 per night.

Would you stay at the Mohicans Again?

We will definitely go back.

It was so nice to unwind and to be unplugged for a little bit. There is cell service but most likely not inside the treehouse. Make sure you book catering for your trip. The meal was warm; tasted amazing, and was exactly on time.

Note: I was a guest of The Mohicans. Would highly recommend this experience and look forward to returning soon!

Todd and Heidi at the Silver Bullet

Check Out a Video on the Stay



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