Small Bathroom Remodel

There are a lot of tips when taking on projects in your house. I am sharing 3 tips today!

1. When you think about looking at remodeling a small bathroom space, I recommend looking on Pinterest for inspiration.

2. Ask around for quality contractors who can complete the work – insured, reputation, examples of finished work and most importantly, a timeline.

3. Make sure you have plenty of money to complete the task. If you estimate the bathroom will be $6,000 – make sure you have $10,000 available for the unexpected surprises. Surprises from my own renovations.. moving a plumbing line, replacing a line, or simply covid costs.

Let’s start with the before pictures for this renovation.

There is nothing wrong with this bathroom space; it is a bit dated and worked well circa 1990’s.

After taking some time to reflect on what could be done; modern – black and white was the final choice! See the completed renovation

You may be wondering if this is in my current house and it is not. Since I love remodeling and designing; this was a fun project at a friend’s house. I drew the plans, mapped out the style, helped navigate the details on the cheap, and voila!

The estimated cost for materials was $5500 including the shower glass and vanity (the most expensive pieces) and always estimate labor at 40-50% of the material cost. This is a rough estimate of the work – if everything is demo before the contractor starts – the price can go down significantly.

Everything seen click here

Items Below


Vanity similar and similar

Shower Pan

Wall Tile

Hooks on Wall

Handles and Knobs


Vanity Faucet

Lights Above Mirror

Swivel Mirrors

Shower Faucet

Glass Doors & Sliding Rails

For Pinterest 👇👇

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