Best Deals at Costco: What to Buy & What to Skip

Costco is one of my favorite places to shop! Costco has definitely convinced me to try many things snd most things are definitely cheaper, but not everything! Let me show you the deals you can’t miss!

Let’s Start With What to Buy!!

1. Seasoned Rotisserie Chicken

$4.99 and serves 3-4 depending on how much you eat! They publicize this to get you in to buy. Rotisserie chicken can last up to 5 days in the fridge.

2. A stop at the food court

$1.50 for a hot dog and coke – cheap date night and great stop with the kids. Churros are $1.00 and a perfect dessert.

3. Kirkland Signature Bacon – Thick

$13.99 for 3 pounds of bacon. Splurge on the thicker bacon the taste and the flavoring is comparable to among the best I have eaten.

4. Casket

$1149 and saves you a lot of money. A funeral home typically shows caskets starting at $5500 – save yourself a lot of money and buy your own.

5. Eggs

$5 for 2 dozen; depending it can be 3 dozen.

6. Olive Oil

$16.99 for 2 liters and is a healthier option for cooking

7. Maple Syrup

$12.49 for 33 oz and it’s quite the steal especially when you try the syrup on your delish pancakes or waffles.

8. Fancy Cheese

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Starting at $8.00 for Gouda, White Cheddar $11, Goat Cheese $8.00, Gorgonzola $9, Brie $7, Romano $14, and more!

9. Cereal

$.17 an ounce. Cereal has a long shelf life so it is worth the pickup in bulk. In addition, the large boxes have individual packaging that allows for the cereal to remain fresh mall increments.

10. Coconut Water

$11.49 for 12 cartons. The Costco Kirkland Signature coconut water has the consistency of water but is slightly sweet with a nutty flavor.

11. Frozen Fruits

$12.49 for 4 pounds of 3 berry blend. Just set it out and it’s ready to go.

12. Salty Snacks

$25.49 for 14 Pringle containers, $15.49 for 50 bags of Cheetos, $15.99 for 54 bags of Frito Lay assorted pack, and $10.49 for 60 bags of pretzels!

13. Flowers

$9.99 for a dozen tulips or $16.99 for 2 dozen Roses. Yes, please. They even have wedding floral arrangements for under $500.

14. Prescriptions and Shots

Costco offers affordable shots and prescriptions. You call or stop in and they will provide you with the cost before filling the prescription.

15. Mortgage.

Yes, please. Saved me over $10,000 going through Costco. If you have the Business Membership, you pay $250 in closing costs. Best transaction ever – and totally made me a believer.

16. Cult following on the athleisure options.

Starting at $9.99 for bike shorts and Lululemon dupes – Costco is perfect for shopping.

What to Skip at Costco

1. Milk unless you have a large family.

2. Flour, it does expire and you don’t need pounds of flour unless you really bake a lot

3. Paper towels and toilet paper used to be a fantastic deal – now, Walmart might have the same price. If you are confined in space, just buy at the local grocery.

4. Kirkland detergent. Okay but no rave reviews.

Questions? Just ask!


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