Phia Salon: The Columbus, Ohio Salon You Have to Try!

After visiting the Phia Salon, I walked out looking like a queen and provided me with confidence that allowed my real beauty to shine through.

I am a huge Coco Chanel fan and in fact my dog is named Coco Chanel; I truly believe that “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” and “the best color in the world is the one that looks good on you” these quotes really stand out as getting your hair done totally transforms the way you see yourself and how others see you!

When I first walked in the salon, the environment was really eclectic and had a chill vibe – it was a place that made me feel welcomed and instantly calm especially since this was my first visit to Phia Salon.

When I booked my appointment, I was hoping for a whole hair transformation as swimming, over processing and years of sub par products have damaged my hair.

From far away, you can see that my hair looks a little messy and a few split ends…

Up close, you can see the damage, split ends, and overprocessing.

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Here a picture before the work began.

My hair was just cut, trimmed, and all split ends cleaned up

Medusa was used after products were used to strengthen my hair as well as color.

After hair was colored and rinsed – the process of blow drying.

How gorgeous is my hair – this is amazing

Video Version

Phia Salons have a few located in the central Ohio area. It was a truly upscale salon experience where price and consultation happens for any service whether it is highlights, balayage, extensions, hair cut, facials or other services. Some pricing is listed online – and a written plan with price is provided prior to the start of every service.

Phia Salon (most inspired upscale salon experience) located at 755 N. High Street Columbus, OH appointments: 614.545.7100

Philosophi Salon (Salon and Salt Spa) caters to those who are gluten-sensitive (products are entirely gluten free or are formulated without gluten) located at 3665 N. High Street Columbus, Ohio appointments: 614.929.5121

Sophi Salon (Salt Spa) focuses on health, wellness in a boutique setting located 524 Cassady Avenue, Columbus, Ohio appointments: 614.954.2956

For more information: Phia Salons

This blog post was sponsored by Phia Salons. The experience, thoughts, and information are my own.

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