The Virtual Reality Experience at Dreamscape is the Best Thing to Do in Columbus

Dreamscape is new at the AMC. It opened at Easton right before Covid and reopened last week. I had the opportunity before covid and again this week to try all 3 experiences!

Dreamscape is an immersive Virtual Reality Experience unlike anything you have seen or done!

Step 1: Getting tickets. You can book online here Each experience is $19.99 per person. Tickets are available every 30 minutes and can have a maximum group size of 6 per time slot.

Step 2: When you check in, you select an avatar per experience and you sign a waiver.

Step 3: You wait in the boarding area for your flight time. There are snacks and drinks available for purchase while you wait.

Step 4: When it is time for your flight, you line up based on your number. You are then escorted to the Dreamscape room for the experience

Step 5: You go over the Dreamscape experience and start by putting on feet sensors, backpack, hand sensors, and then your headset. A pro tip – make sure the feet sensors and hand sensors are on tight.

Step 6: You walk into the VR room and place your feet on the matching footprints and wait for the experience to begin.

The Dreamscape Experiences at AMC Easton

1. The Blu: Deep Rescue

Below the surface lives the largest creature on Earth: the blue whale. These majestic giants once ruled the oceans, but now they need our help. Venture deep beneath the waves to a research station, where you’ll join an elite team of divers on an urgent quest. Power up an AquaScooter and maneuver through shipwrecks, ravines and circling marine life to help reunite a family of whales. Soon you’ll discover that in an ocean full of wonders, the blue is the most wondrous of all.

2. Alien Zoo

For the first time ever, the IWF is inviting humans to visit the Alien Zoo. Come take a breathtaking tour of a wildlife refuge in space, where the IWF has gathered an astounding assortment of lifeforms from the far corners of the universe to save them from extinction. Come face to face with endangered species from across the galaxy. Some friendly. Some ferocious. All rare and wondrous creatures.

3. Curse of the Lost Pearl: A Magic Projector Adventure

Deep in the jungles of Mesoamerica, the Temple of the Snake God rumbles with anger. You’re on a quest to find the lost pearl, but intruders are not welcome here. The legendary jewel is protected by a deadly curse, and the temple will do anything it can to protect it. Do you have the wits, luck and courage to complete your mission and make it out alive? There’s only one way to find out. Switch on Lavan’s Magic Projector and step into this action-packed adventure, where you become the hero of the story.

4. How to Train Your Dragon is coming soon but is not here in Columbus yet!

So, all three experiences were unique and absolutely amazing. It was an immersive experience where I felt I was actually part of what was happening.

I have been asked in what order should I see the experiences….in my opinion, I would start with In the Blu, then Alien Zoo, with the best for last- The Curse of the Lost Pearl.

The Curse of the Lost Pearl is an Indiana Jones meets Tomb Raider experience that I don’t want to spoil it for you, but hands down is incredible! Trust me!

So, if you are in Columbus and need something to do, give Dreamscape a try and let me know your thoughts!!

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