2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dupes

The 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one that I have a love- hate relationship with. It is an opportunity to gain access to premium brands at a discount and brings all the current trends to the scene early, BUT many sell out before you can get them.

The deal finder in me knows that I have to be prepared in case items sell out and sometimes I don’t want to spend a premium price for the items at Nordstrom so here are some alternatives to save you some money or make a comparison yourself.

I am sharing some of the best 2021 Nsale items with alternatives. You now have a choice to Treat yourself or go with the Trick of looking designer 😀

Let’s start!


Sunglasses are always on my list. These $15 dollar Sunnies are fantastic and are a great dupe for Quay or Rayban. Save yourself some money. Linked several options that are similar.


These boots are on trend for the fall. I opted for the treat version, either is a win and look great with jeans, leggings, or dresses. Linked several additional options for comparison.


Of all items in the Nordstrom Sale, boots and shoes are always on my list. I own both of these boots and wear them all the time. Linked several others I have and also like that are similar.


One of the trends is chains on boots and mules this year. Opting for a more affordable option is the way to go to allow you to try the trend without over- investing.


Loving these hats and you really can’t go wrong. Both happen to be from Nordstrom so it is a win-win. Linked several options similar.


There are times that I opt for an alternative and there are times that I treat myself. Spanx is really the way to go. There are less expensive options BUT Spanx last and they are really what they need to be. Hands down – treat yourself here.


The $8 boot is a win – add to cart. I have it and love it in both brown and black. The Nordstrom boot is a bit pricy at the $149 mark; but I did add it to my cart this year.


There is nothing more beautiful than the Barefoot Dreams blanket. The only thing better is a dupe for a lot less! Here you go! I have both and for the difference in price – would suggest the lookalike here or the Styled Collection linked.


It is back to school time and sweaters / sweater dresses are all the go. Here are two options that are great for fall football weather. I have both and even if you size up 2 – for anyone tall- it is not suitable for a dress (just know this)


One of the most popular watches sold at Nordstrom and here is a dupe for a mere fraction of the cost. Unless you need the designer version, the alternative is a safe bet to save some cash!


Initial necklaces are so fun and I have the alternate Nordstrom option. I was able to purchase the gold and silver for less than the gold option at Nordstrom.


Leopard, cheetah, and Snakeprint are my fall go-to prints. I have the Nordstrom alternate for $16 in short and long sleeve – great deal and I have linked additional options for you to check out.


Classic booties where you can never go wrong. The color of both are fantastic and are so similar that next to each other you cannot tell the difference. I opted for the Nordstrom version here. Linked similar boots of varying price points.


Combat boots – yes please! This trend is a big one and it will be here to stay. Opted for the more expensive version here. I am hard on shoes and the quality of the Nordstrom boot is perfect for style, comfort, and durability. Linked these and many others including my Blondo favorites.


Over the knee boots – I am always smitten and it is hard to find boots that stay up without falling down. I have the alternate boot and I have linked a few other over the knee boots I own that are at an affordable price point


Love the stars sweater and the alternate is fabulous considering the Nordstrom version is already sold out. Linking a few other cute sweaters here.


Getting my house ready to sell and my Dyson broke – opted for the Amazon version and it did an amazing job! Would recommend either – if open to the Amazon version – I would suggest giving it a try!


Silk pillowcases – why? Ever want your hair to not knot and for it to be smooth when you wake up? Here is a secret – silk pillowcases! I have the $14 version and works fabulously well.


Shorts and workouts – the Nordstrom alternate is the way to go! Love the fit, feel, and sizing. True to size. Save your cash!


Leather Moto jackets are the best – especially for adding character to your outfit. I opted for the $39 dollar version and it saved me a lot of money.


Gucci Sandals are always trendy. The alternate is a way to save a lot of money and looks very similar.


The last item in my round up today. I opted for the lesser expensive option – still sold at Nordstrom and you will catch me wearing it as soon as the weather starts to change.

Okay, so that is roundup 1 for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dupes!

Questions – just ask!

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