Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 5: Anaphylactic Heidi

So…. A short recap before we continue. I have a nice date at a swanky restaurant; my date ends up choking… I save his life with the Heimlich Maneuver and on the way home – I am kinda hungry and now starting to feel kinda weird.

Okay, a couple things about this date (was not the first one from the person), we were in the same vehicle after the dinner and I started getting marks on my arms and felt kinda sick to my stomach…

After sweating on my end, I questioned if I was getting sick, was just over the whole thing, or what was going on….

I am starting to get a scratchy throat … and I say “I need to go to urgent care” – there is one about 10 mins from my house in Dublin.

As we drove from Easton toward Dublin, my tongue got heavy, my marks on my arms were becoming more pronounced… and guess what.. I am having an allergic reaction.

We arrive at urgent care and my date says “i will drop you at the door”

I grab my purse, realize I am really having trouble breathing and walked in the urgent care door. They always ask for insurance and drivers license; I hand it over and tell them I am really having trouble breathing.

Before they can hand it back, I collapse to the floor. I can remember telling them I was having a hard time breathing…. The world was spinning and I could hear things but was really incoherent.

In my own naive and yet compassionate way of thinking, I would assume that “I will drop you at the curb” would have meant – letting you go inside and I will park and come in. Silly me to think you would inconvenience yourself.

I can remember the pain in my right buttocks followed by the left buttocks. Like a pinch and instant pain.. and oddly my throat felt less restricted … I see a guy over me with doctor garb who asks how I got there.

I also look at the waiting room as I have my pants pulled down and these poor people in the waiting room have a view they can’t unsee (sorry to those people who experienced my Epi pen administration)

At this point, I am dazed and confused; oddly tired and exhausted and not sure what is going on. I end up at the hospital for 18 hours for observation – Epi pens and a visit to the hospital and my parents arrived.

The Urgent Care doctor was on my phone yelling at my date because he called my phone and they answered only to find out that the guy I was dating was seeing if I was going to be much longer. The Urgent Care doctor (too bad he wasn’t single) was saying that inhumane people do this to others. At this point, the Urgent Care doctor actually went with me to the Hospital which was 2 mins away in the squad.

So you might wonder what actually happened – I had the flu h1n1 and it compromised my immune system – became allergic to things about 3 weeks after the flu to things I was not previously allergic to. So when he ate the lobster and steak, basically the shellfish he consumed, his sweat that came it when I was doing the Heimlich Maneuver actually caused an allergic reaction. (Basically my arms were wrapped around his belly and the sweat caused a reaction)

My date never actually came into the urgent care. So I almost died after saving his life and yet dropped me at the Urgent Care and went on about his business. He left to do errands and called to see if I was going to be much longer – like wtf. A few days later called me and acted like everything was fine. I was surprised that he called – after saving his life, I questioned whether it was the right thing or not; I was in the same situation an hour later and this idiot couldn’t be bothered to help me.

Stay Tuned for Wait, Are You Married?

This episode deserves one of my favorite songs – 50 Ways to Say Goodbye


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  1. 1.20.23
    Bev said:

    Omg! What a douche bag! Drop that dude like a hot potato!!

    • 1.20.23
      trendywithapassport said:

      Absolutely done ✅ crazy that someone would treat another like this!

    • 1.21.23
      trendywithapassport said:

      Absolutely! Gone!!