Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 33: Watching From Afar

Sometimes people watch you that you don’t even know and never know when people will resurface. I was on Bumble awhile ago and get a message from Jeff …

He was someone I swiped to the right for… and he did the typical – hey… how are you? Interestingly enough, Jeff says – do you remember a retirement party you came to for Dr. XYZ about 8 years ago?

I said … where was it? And he said it was in the Short North and names the location – I said – oh yeah…. So he goes on to say… you were talking about traveling and your passion of adventure. I was there and was a Resident at the time and remember thinking “you are beautiful”

Obviously at the time you were taken and I would never make a move but I saw you and was completely moved by what you were saying… it sounds creepy and maybe even weird. I am younger than you by a few years and I doubt you have ever dated anyone younger. (6 years)

As a doctor I am no longer intimidated with you dismissing me – confidence is attractive and I have to go for this. I will regret it otherwise….

So of course you want to know what happened ..

A series of interesting and unfortunate events..

Scheduled date 1: got called into hospital and postponed date

Scheduled date 2: sister called to tell him his pipes burst – legit happened

Scheduled date 3: my grandma ended up in the hospital and I passed out and ended up for a few extra hours at the hospital (don’t worry a different one)

At this point, I told him – the age thing is a sign from God that I am not supposed to date someone 6 years younger – haha!

From time to time, I hear from Jeff – just checking to see how I am.. haven’t actually seen him since the retirement party now 10 or 11 years ago – though our random text exchange over the last year has been more consistent than my dating life haha …

At some point you just have to smile and realize has been one heck of a ride …so you may ask – why not schedule to meet him? Hasn’t he tried since – yeah he has . I feel like 6 years younger for me is a lot and how things went were most likely a sign… and I have peace with it …

I think for me it made me happy and oddly smile that I was that memorable so many years ago… very unlikely turn of events … but validation – that I am captivating and am memorable.. his words didn’t shatter my world – just made me pleasantly surprised and grateful for the positivity.




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