Why AIR is one of the Best Sports Movies of All Time

“AIR” is a feel good, amazing sports movie that is one of the greatest of all time. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck knocked this out of the park. Who doesn’t love an underdog story and this definitely lives up to just that.

Phil Knight played by Affleck, the founder of Nike shows the beginnings their amazing turnaround with the vision of Sonny (Damon) who saw potential with the “unknown” Michael Jordan.

This game changing partnership that rivaled the Converse and Adidas with the heartwarming personal connection, Hollywood legends playing legends was the perfect combination to showcase the underdog Nike story.

Even more inspiring is the way this partnership contributed to college athletes being able to sell their likeness and earn revenue.

The list of Actors make this movie even more captivating: Viola Davis, Jason Bateman, Chris Tucker, Marlon Wayans, and so on.

Add this to your movie list!


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