Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 32: Back in my 30s

I think that maybe I am destined to be on my own and it was my greatest fear to be alone and to not find my person … I think I am more fearful of choosing the wrong person so I just mark a lot of people off the list right away…

Hi, I’m the problem, it’s me… and I totally accept it. I laugh and know I am capable of committing to a relationship – it just takes a really special person. The people I have dated long term have all been lovely people. For reasons not mentioned here – most came down to kids, life in Ohio, compromise, or just differing life goals.

I don’t feel any of it was a waste of time… sometimes people wish they didn’t have time or spend it with someone – I feel that every relationship made me better.. made me a better human and taught me a lot.

At some point – things will work out … or they won’t … and at least I have tried. I won’t settle for a life I don’t want and I think that is powerful. Rarely do people get do-overs in life and I think I am a blessed situation… one where I do get to choose …

So back in my 30s – right when movie tickets where you pick the seat came out… a guy (Jed) asked me on a date to meet at the movies. It was a movie I wanted to see – so was fine with the plan – and not awkward with it being a movie…

So he didn’t realize the new plan where you get tickets and the only two tickets were on opposite sides of the theater – so he pays for tickets and hands me mine.

Legit – on the other side of the theater. One could be upset but as a first date… I guess being on the opposite side enjoying a movie alone and paid for … there could be worse problems.

I would have suggested a different movie or asked me my preference of what to do; this guy just went with it. So after the movie, I waited up and he said – “that was fantastic” thanks for joining me and we left. He texted me that night to make sure I got home and apologized about the date..

Didn’t think much of it or him… never heard from him again…

Thanks for the movie Jed! Haha

It was the Mill Run Movie theater with the moving chairs – and I couldn’t trade seats with anyone to make it work…

C’est la vie,



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