Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 26: Stolen Car

Certain names give a certain vibe… Topper was exactly as you would expect. Southern charm and straight outta Charleston.

Stunning, sweet, and gave me a twirl the first time I met him… instantly gave me the happy feels.

He was a military guy – living within walking distance of WPAFB there is not a shortage of good looking military people everywhere. With that sweetness, comes immense charm.

Living the charmed life ..Topper was a pilot .. and flight instructor and had a bit of the Tom Cruise in Top Gun with the aviator shades and the need for speed.

He picked me up in Porsche 356 for the first date – it was an old Porsche – silver – vintage – as how he described it … it was a pretty old and it had character. Anyone who knows me knows I love Porsche cars… they are so adorable…

Hugh Grant in the movie 9 months with the cute little Porsche … such a great car… okay..

Back to the first date… we drove around Beavercreek and didn’t go on the highway – the car was cute but it was definitely vintage and had to be taken care of – it was 1950-1960s car – wish I would have paid closer attention to it. He brought a blanket and we picked up chicken and watched the sunset near the Base. It was a fun first date.. watching planes take off and land.

After the first date, he called later that night and we set up a date for 2 nights later to see a movie -O Brother Where Art Thou – and he picked me up in a Ford F150 pickup truck and we grabbed Red Robin and went to the theater.

We came out from the theater and went to the spot where the truck was parked to find glass and a car parked there…

Several people came out from our theater and were yelling that purses, radios, stereos, and personal possessions were stolen. Yet – Topper’s truck was gone… like completely gone..

Police came and took a report. The police stated that this was the 4th incident in the past few months – same MO – take a pick up truck and put all the stolen items in it and drive it away. Cop said it would be a few days and would be found on blocks near Free Pike.. stripped.

Well… fast forward a few days… and sure enough the truck was found.. it was about a year old – and the seats were knifed, stereo gone, wheels removed, rims gone, and everything in the backseat gone… Topper was so upset but was thankful it wasn’t the Porsche.

He was a fun guy… a dance party, card playing, reading, Top Gun looking human. We went out a few more times – with his position as a flight instructor, he was moved out to California…and with the military, anything can happen at any time…

When I see Top Gun or the New Top Gun… especially with the aviators.. Topper comes to mind. A few times a year I get a picture in flight, a text, or kind sentiment – some people are meant to be part of your life for a season, some for a few years, and a couple for life.




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