Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 21: Dating Disaster

A story from a friend…

Dawn has been a friend for years and she and her sister were originally friends of my brother but morphed over to being close with me.

Dawn was dating a nice farmer and broke up abruptly when she met Adam. Adam was a bodybuilder, worked construction, and was a fine specimen of hard work and genetic bliss.

Adam lovebombed Dawn – he sent her presents and called her and was over to her house and just everything seemed so good..:

When things look too good to be true … they are

So after 3 months of dating, Adam proposes to Dawn and they plan for a wedding 3 months away. Invites go out for the Bachelor / Bachelorette parties and everyone is set to go to Florida.

So, the party does go on and everyone has the best time. It is about two weeks before the wedding and Adam needs to have a serious talk with Dawn.

At this time they have dated almost 6 months including engagement…. He says he isn’t sure he wants to get married to her. In fact, he had such a good time talking to her best friend (Lisa) at the joint Bachelor / Bachelorette weekend – that he has been seeing her the last few weeks and sees a life with Lisa.

The best friend Lisa ended up marrying Adam within a few months and after 7 years, are still together… Dawn was heartbroken and doesn’t speak to either Lisa or Adam anymore…. Interestingly enough…

After the initial shock and word on the street – the farmer called up Dawn and said – it appears the grass looked greener on the other side… I love you and this really made me realize I was going to miss out on the best thing that ever happened to me.

About a year later, Dawn and the farmer got married.

Song: Golden

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