Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 22: Pyramid Scheme

So this goes back a few years … when time share properties were the thing to get and Marriott and Hilton would do anything to get you to buy into their program.

There were also pyramid schemes where you sell things and after you get 2-3 people to join, you get money.

Okay… so you get the premise. I met a guy on Match – we messaged back and forth for a week or so asked if I would go to trivia at BW3s and I love trivia and couldn’t say no.

I walk in and don’t see the person I am looking for… I sit down and send a text.. about 5 minutes later a guy who used someone else’s picture shows up for the profile – 🚩 and then proceeds to tell me that the picture and him are the same person.

Awhile ago, I mentioned that I was good at matching and this clearly was a different person. So I get up because you aren’t catfishing me, the proceeds to try to get me involved in a pyramid scheme – if I can get 3 people to sign up for this investment; I get a guaranteed 100% of the lowest amount I get someone to sign for.

Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up. So, you may be thinking – what did the picture look like… probably a young Steve Martin- like person and Danny Devito – like person showed up…

Nothing wrong with Danny lookalike or doppelgänger but don’t put up a different picture . Just makes you question and wonder what goes through the minds of these people. No trust, no honesty, and pyramid scheme on a date…. At this rate…all I have is time 😂

Remember friends…. It’s better to be alone than with one of these people and to those married or in a relationship…..

I promise the grass is not greener … in fact… it is absolutely not even grass… fake, difficult, weeding through chaos, deciding what baggage is do-able so…through my tough, disappointing and painful experiences – please count your blessings…

I want nothing more than for people to stay together, go to counseling if needed, and work through things…. Success is marriage or relationships that last the testament of time… not disposable relationships that last 3 dates to 50 where someone opts out because commitment is a problem…or don’t want something permanent…

I am not sure what has happened over time – I would not recommend being single in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60s if you can avoid it…. Sometimes you can’t…. Been there… also acutely aware that some things can be solved with more communication, less judgement, and more investing into what you have.




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