Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 20: So you do what in the library?

(This is a true story a friend experienced years ago)

Yep… you read and research and sometimes fall in love… and this is where he met Chloe…

Let’s start at the beginning …

My friend Chris was in college and was dating Debbie for a period of time (first 3 months of college on campus) They broke up and he started dating Chloe (she was a junior on campus and her divorce was finalized 2 months before)

Chloe was popular and was part of student council in college and organized a lot of activities. Prior to Chris dating Chloe, Chloe’s ex- husband was severely injured in a break in and no one could figure out what happened.

Long story short, Chloe and her husband were having issues and one night when she was on campus – the break in happened and he was very injured. The break in resulted in nothing being stolen but Chloe’s husband had a concussion, broken ribs, and was pushed down a flight of stairs.

Of course investigation happened and no one could figure out the details. Chris came to campus and was a freshman when he started dating upper classman Chloe.

Chloe graduated and Chris and her parted ways… he reconnected with Debbie and eventually got married to Debbie…

So this is where the story becomes a little bit crazy.. so about 10 years out of college – Chris gets a call from a police department and asks for some details about Chloe and Chloe’s sadness about the divorce and so on…

So the detective shared with Chris that Chloe and her best friend were having an affair and a detective who was about to retire wanted to figure out what happened.

Chris didn’t have the skinny outside of what he knew and remember he came to campus the following year after the attack – she mentioned the attack in passing and wasn’t overly concerned about it happening again. Chloe mentioned they got divorced because he blamed her for having an affair (she was)

Chris remembered Rex calling Chloe a fair amount the year they dated… Rex was a low level criminal who broke into places and stole copper pipe – harmless guy otherwise. The detective asked if he knew this person and Chris didn’t. Rex was eventually cleared in all wrongdoing.

Chris married Debbie and Chloe married a successful businessman who had a jet. About two weeks after Chris got the initial call from the police (10 years out of college for him), a friend from college called and let Chris know that the police were over and arrested Chloe in front of her family…..and he lived across the street…

So the details were listed in the paper the next day. During college, Chloe was married and was having an affair – (the best friend) and the best friend had a friend break in and hurt her husband …

Turns out the best friend was arrested for a DUI and was severely under the influence in the station -he was rambling about what he did 10 years ago and how he got someone to rough up a guy and staged it as a break in.

The best friend confesses to a crime while in jail for something completely different! So they had DNA evidence and turns out the hired break in guy actually recorded Chloe and kept the tape and used it to plea bargain from 10 years down to less than 3 years…

So, Chloe was arrested for the break in, attempted murder as the intruder took weapons into the place when he broke in, and the ex- husband was hit with the a couple of the items. Based on taking in certain weapons to the scene of a crime – it up’s the charges.

Long story short, Chloe served 1 year for her involvement and the businessman stayed with her. I was surprised at that and the best friend got 3 years for his involvement as did the guy who broke in.

Fast forward…. No one really knows what happened in the chapters before …

Song Disturbia

Next episode: Dating Disaster


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