16 Ways to Get Kicked Out of Disney: Things You Need to Know Before You Go

Disney World bans certain things to ensure safety, security, and experiences of guests. Here are a few things first time visitors may not know:

1. Costumes for those older than 14. There are specific times where you can be in costume as an adult (Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween) however these dates and times are specifically outlined. Otherwise, no costumes for adults.

2. Selfie Sticks. Small or extension pole options are not allowed. You can bring a monopod or tripod but it has to be able to fit in a backpack.

3. Acting like a character. If in costume, guests may dress like their favorite character but cannot pose for pictures or sign or autographs for other guests.

4. Folding chairs. Collapsible stools and chairs are not allowed due to foot traffic and even waiting in line.

5. Hanging towels from balconies. Even if a room occupied sign is on the door; Disney resorts reserve the right to enter based on safety, maintenance, and security.

6. Glass containers in general are banned. Small baby food can be an exception.

7. Wagons. No wagons allowed unless you have explicit approval (a major medical issue / Make a Wish Trip) – otherwise, it will not be permitted.

8. Trailer – like objects. Standing boards on a wheelchair or stroller is not permitted.

9. Plastic straws and balloons at Animal Kingdom and water parks – other parks allow both!

10. Improper attire. If it is going to detract from the experience; Disney reserves the right to allow entrance. (Clothing on ground; tattoos that can be considered inappropriate)

11. Protest signs. Unauthorized events, speeches, flag, banner, sign or other material for commercial purposes is not allowed

12. Swimming in the Castle Moat. Do not get in any water at Disney; lots of water rides available. Slipping and drowning are not good for business

13. No Smoking. This will get you kicked out of the park. There are smoking zones outside the park – nothing inside. Kick the habit.

14. Scattering Ashes. It is against the law and against Disney policy. Ashes that are found end up in the trash.

15. Drones are a no-no. Do not bring a drone to Disney. They will confiscate it.

16. Common Sense Items – anything offense or otherwise not appropriate for most people may cause for grounds of removal.

More prohibited items here




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