Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 40: 16 Things to Remember in Dating

So this series just hit 50,000 views!

Exciting stuff ! Thanks for reading! Today’s episode is about 16 things you need to remember in dating! Chris Perry for the win on each topic!

1. A Man Will Change for the Woman He Wants to Spend His Life With.

A boy or a guy will make a excuses – a man will do what is necessary to keep the woman.

2. She isn’t high maintenance – you are low effort.

A woman who is accomplished expects a guy to be able to at least take care of himself. These women want to be treated well and respected.

3. The more bills a woman pays – the less attractive men become

No one has time for a headache – women want to level up. Masculine energy doesn’t disappear until weight is shared.

4. Want a woman to be softer; be dependable, honest, and present.

A woman who is self sufficient doesn’t have time, the energy, or the ability to fail. It is simply not an option.

5. When a guy competes with you; walk away. Find a strong man.

A weak man attacks a strong woman and lies, cheats, steals, and insults her. A strong man relies on her as a partner and isn’t threatened.

6. Maybe he isn’t for you.

Gaslighting, dominance, and games won’t work here. A strong man respects his woman.

7. When he doesn’t let others know about you, he has no intention.

It isn’t a real relationship when it’s not out in public. Most likely you are being played.

8. When history is deleted and messages are erased, yes, it is cheating.

Questionable behavior and lack of honesty is an issue.

9. Social media is not the problem.

I get 5 to 500 messages a day; I have the choice to respond; the choice on how I respond, and if I lead someone on to believe they have a chance; it’s wrong.

10. Ignore the words. Follow the actions.

If he wants to spend time with you; he will. If he wants to talk, he will. Don’t make excuses.

11. When a woman goes silent, it might be too late.

When a woman gets mad, listen. When she asks questions, she wants clarity.

12. Sometimes people should stay single

When a guy is Dm other females, sending messages under pictures for attention. Cut him loose

13. When he runs away.. remember it isn’t about you.

It isn’t about you. This is about him and him not feeling like he is good enough. If he won’t work through it; he is right.

14. How to know he is all in

You don’t have to ask for anything. He checks on you, he schedules date night, he takes care of things.

15. When a man is proud

He shares his happiness on social media. When he keeps it hidden; he is keeping his options open.

16. When he invests more in his homies…

His actions need to help guide your decisions. Words are cheap. Where is the time, energy, and sacrifice?

Hope you watched these video clips – they provide remarkable context and surprisingly great advice ❤️




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