What’s it like to meet with a psychic?

My life has always been interesting and I am so grateful for the road less traveled. This week I have had a few people ask me to write more about my experiences in life as it entertains so many … so you will get more of that – no question.

Currently, I feel a little bit like J-Lo. In every aspect of life…killing it except the relationship piece. It is something that does not come easy to me.. it is hard for me to trust, hard to go with the flow, and really hard for me to let anyone even try to take care of me. I rarely depend on others- extremely fearless in many aspects of my life – yet relationships …are always difficult…hard…and unquestionably the most scary to me. This might seem relatively funny or odd considering that I have had several…

Love is worth it…there is nothing more beautiful that.

A few of my favorite quotes below:

-Love doesn’t mean you will always agree, see eye to eye, or never have an argument. It means despite the bad days you still can’t see yourself without that person.

-A person that truly loves you will never let you, no matter how hard the situation is.

-I like it when you smile. But I love it when I’m the reason.

-My favorite place in all the world is next to you.

Fortunately for me, I have been given the option to decide. The option to decide the life I live…some places around the world, this option is not an option. Parents choose for their children and they are “stuck” with a situation. Sometimes I think maybe my parents could have chosen better but ultimately everything happens when it is supposed to. I trust that God has a plan for me…and I also trust that there is hope and everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

So why all of this you ask? What if you could ask the things you want to know and could get answers? What if it was Pandora’s box and you had a chance to get a glimpse at what was to come? Would you go through the door? Would you look at the future no matter what you were to find out…I took a chance after I was approached by Psychic Chris about a reading.

I had a meeting with Psychic Chris Dufresne – his mom Sylvia Browne you might know. I used to watch the Montel Williams show and was always intrigued by the experience.

So how did this topic even come about? Instagram of course! I love to share experiences, my life, and information through social media – so why not share this??

My first encounter- gonna be honest. I was not sure what to expect and was not sure any of it was going to be true or what was really going to happen…I mean a little skeptical until I got started and I will give you a little update on how things went!

Chris was upfront about everything from the start and let me know that he would let me know what he saw and would not make up a single thing. He either sees it or he does not. He let me know that anything bad is shared at the beginning.

So do you want to know what I found out?? Of course you do.

I met with Chris April 3, 2021 – 2 days after my birthday and boy was it a huge relief to meet with him.

To be honest, I was not sure how my relationship with God was going to deal with a psychic and if there was going to be a conflict. When Chris started, he went right into explaining that some things are between you and God and instantly was put at ease.

I had the choice to ask questions or to let him guide. Of course knowing me, I want to drive for a minute!

I first asked about my life and where things were or are headed …

1. Right now my life is a tad bumpy and will resolve itself without me doing anything. Just to keep doing me and let things continue to move as they should. Everything will work out and despite my normal inclination to “fix” things to just let them be. For me, to be told to just keep swimming was surprising; interestingly enough, the less I do, the better my life will actually be. The issues resolve and everything is better at the end of April – May.

2. Was told about some lab results in March – that I needed to get redone – he knew this and said don’t stress, the next test will show you are fine. (The test is April 30)

3. Things that you release to the world will return – don’t fight to keep…. Be open to accept and stay busy

4. Everything will be okay. Stop worrying and stressing – this was huge for me. I am always working to get answers and move forward. Sitting idle and not trying to do something is like the anti-Heidi.

5. I asked questions about my future: Wondered if I will get married and have kids – the answer was yes. Marriage within a year.

6. Of course, we all want to know the details on kids – according to Chris – girl and boy – 1 year 9 months or 20 months apart

7. I will publish books in the near future – and a new niche will emerge – children’s books

Update: I have been working on writing a couple books.

8. Said I will continue to flip houses and continue to explore my creativity; this will happen many times over

9. My long standing fear of death – at the age of 40 was mentioned and I can now let that go.

Update: This is true. Since the age of 12; have always felt this would happen.

10. My husband – whoever he is, makes the final cut and this marriage actually lasts until his death-4 years before mine- I live to be 87-93 plus 5 and I die of old age – apparently my heart just stops; no dementia and Alzheimer’s. – We die Notebook like… in love and happy. Chris said we are very different people however values, passion, love, commitment, fun, experiences, and memories are cherished and this journey proves to be truly the reason everything else did not work out.

11. Spoke of my dad’s death and spoke about how my dad was gone when my cousin was born – in the hospital – I felt this and he died when I thought he did which was actually 23 days earlier than his death

Update: gave specific details of who was in the room and about the phone call when my cousin was born.

12. Spoke about things I feel and see – how I know certain things and can usually identify if someone is sick or not well (empath)

Update: Spoke about specific instances and events down to people in the room. (see 13)

13. Spoke about how I knew that someone was in trouble in a pregnancy, my robbery, and the car accident that happened a few years ago. Interesting to have such details and concrete information that no one else knew

14. Spoke of my mom and key details that no one would know about the family business

15. Spoke of a decision that I have to make about a life fulfilled or a rich life – interestingly enough / the Notebook is one of my favorite movies ..I am faced with making some decisions in the near future – Robert Frost – which path do I choose : decision of your heart and your brain / for me I always choose my heart.

16. For those who know me – when you come over, I have become much like my mom – a mother hen – do you want some water? What about some cookies? How about this?

17. Another interesting take, is my sense of literal – if someone says I will do that by May 1- then I expect it done by May 1. Don’t give me dates, details, or information unless it is accurate.

18. I will be successful – I will continue houses and my streams of revenue. I work a lot and do until my death – on average 70-80 hours a week – inherited work ethic and always many projects.. I stay in education at least 9 more years. I don’t work a lot to be rich, rather to have freedom and time to enjoy life and to travel often.

19. I will write books and my future husband will ghost write for me. My future husband and I are both old souls and there is a specific undeniable love, attraction, and magnetism that we have toward each other and neither of us can let it go. Hence why we stay married until death.

20. Someone unexpected returns to my life in April and shares their desire for me to give things another chance (this is someone from years ago) – interestingly enough …

Update: I received a knock at my door and a text message saying as much on Tuesday (April 19) and without any contact or information from this person. Letting me know that if, should, could, would I consider this as a real possibility and understood my heart is elsewhere –should things not work out, wants to be entered into the range of possibility and while the path seems unclear – none of the people he has dated before or after me- is not someone he can grow old with and is not willing to settle. Talk about Jerry Springer and the doorbell moment.

21. My relationships have always been challenging – entire life. All of the relationships have taught me a lot about myself and have been opportunities of growth. The next relationship will be worth it all and I went through everything to appreciate what I will have.

Update: Relationships have always been challenging and exhausting. The hope of the things being calm (which Chris mentioned) and things falling into place definitely made me happy.

22. Anything I have ever wanted, I have gotten and Chris spoke of how I will put forth hours, days, weeks of work to get where I want to be. He spoke of my dedication and time focused to be the best I can be everyday.

Update: I can remember wanting to make zones in swimming years ago and swimming before school, after school for months to do it; I made it. Making the college tennis team, and deciding to graduate college at 20 with my Bachelor’s when graduating from HS at 18. 31 credit hours a quarter, playing tennis, between 3 colleges; did it.

23. I don’t trust easily- said it is one of hardest things for me.

Update: true

24. Two of my friend relationships that I ended over the last two years, needed to end and have been blessed with some amazing new relationships. At times, letting people go is important for me to move forward in my life and with my life. Keep swimming.

25. Travel, freedom are important to me – symbolic of my love of home and the freedom I get where there are no rules, set schedules, or requirements.

26. Partnership is what I want, not a buddy in a relationship.

27. Relationships need constant investment and they are work; anything worth having takes effort – just like getting a mortgage or a new car. Invest in the relationship as much as my side projects, hobbies, and be present – this was just a reminder for me.

28. Perfectionist – type A – no question – in some areas of my life.

29. I am someone who will do anything to support my partner emotionally, financially, spiritually in a relationship.

30. I am a loner – a person who really enjoys people and company but also thrives to be on my own and to seek adventures while recharging – my happiest moments are exploring, adventuring, and experiencing.

31. Travel means a lot to me and is deeply rooted in my happiness – getting away allows me to rest. My solo travel adventures and my solo experiences (jumping off stratosphere, flying over Victoria Falls in a microlight, swimming with Sharks in Moorea) the joy I get from doing what many won’t do – really fills my cup and is essential for my continued happiness.

Update: This really recharges me like the Energizer Bunny – with covid, the house has substituted some of those experiences. Now it is like…yay, I fixed the hot water tank.

32. I need to rest more. I spend a lot of time doing something…need to slow down a bit and enjoy the journey

The most important thing I walked away with is that God has a plan for each of us and we have choices and opportunities. For me, the conversation sparked more hope, more joy, and a calming spirit. I cannot say that everything will happen; I can say some things that were mentioned were so specific and so detailed that no one knew. I was very much impressed. I am excited about the future, excited about love, happy about the hope that I received, and know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. There is much satisfaction in that peace.

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