Upgrading the Most Overlooked Space in Your House!

What creates curb appeal? From that initial attractiveness from the street or initial appeal of a property to prospective buyers, neighbors, and those that drive by…..that space…is your Garage!

Garage doors can make or break a house! This house has attention seeking garage doors that mimic the front door; while I am a huge Ohio State fan; I am not particularly a fan of the red garage doors. I would paint both black and call it a day, but the garage doors here are basic, nice garage doors. The house has good exterior colors and the red is not a problem but many people may have an instant emotional reaction to love it or hate it.

Let’s take a look at my house and the elaborate design on the garage doors. They definitely catch your attention and coordinate well with the exterior of the house. The garage doors blend with the house,areaesthetically eye catching and you might find yourself taking a second look.

When looking at garage doors, there are so many choices. Let me explain.

There are many different brands, there are many different types (aluminum, steel, wood, vinyl, and others), there are different colors, variations of windows, insulation factors and the list goes on. 

Knowing that the Overhead Door™ Garage Doors earned the Women’s Choice Award also helps ease my mind knowing other women recommend it. 

Overhead Door™ Brand has a visualization tool where you can take a picture of your house and substitute different styles of garage doors and compare them; even allows you to change the colors! 

There are things with a house that you want to spend your money on, especially if your garage door is visible to the street. You want to invest in having a quality garage door. There is importance of a right garage door and how it significantly impacts the value of a home and that includes design and color. There is a hidden emotional aspect of beauty and the wow factor. So many people fall in love with the outside of a house and the garage door can definitely increase the value of your home and be a solid investment.

Remember these key points:

1. Enhance the architectural design of your place.

2. Creates a unique charm to your house.

3. Adds energy efficiency to your home

4. Adds a personal touch

Choosing to change your garage door is easy; the impact can be epic. 

Take a look at the Overhead Door™ Modern AluminumGarage Door. It is the clear – see through garage doors. With this house, it definitely makes you take a double look. Again, sometimes a garage door can cause that immediate reaction!

Consider giving an Overhead Door™ distributor a call to update your garage door or take a look at the visualization tool. For more information, please click below.

For more information on how to update your garage door

For more information on the types of garage doors:

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All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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