Master Bath Makeover: All the Details With Links!

I was inspired by the blogger @miamiamine who always has an eye for detail. Loved her master bath and recreated the best dupes on my budget!

*This would not have been possible without my friend Luis who does amazing work. He helps me complete my projects and ways provides assistance, recommendations, and solutions! Let me know if you need his number but please remember – I will cut in front of you in line ๐Ÿ˜œ if I have a new project and a deadline ๐Ÿ˜‚ *and special thanks to my cousins Bev and Dennis who shared their friend with me ๐Ÿ’ซ

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My Designer blanket dupe – Buy Here

A few tips to help:

Consider the Home Depot Credit Card – I signed up both a business and personal one – ended up with $200 credit and more time to pay (I think business allows 60 days days same as cash)

Consider the Tile Shop Credit Card – if you pay it off in 30 days 20% off or depending on the project – 15% off and 6-12 months

* You can return whole boxes and unused pencil and herringbone mats (just remember to keep some in case repairs or issues come up)

Consider the Pottery Barn Credit Card if buying furniture. I purchased my headboard, sofa, and bench and received gift certificates to purchase both lights for free.

The Vanity

The Vanity is a color called Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal – Sherwin Williams will create any paint color you want. (And used Sherwin Williams Paints – For Project – Semi- Gloss)

The actual vanity was existing including the top vanity. Paint and new knobs were selected

Delta Silverton Knobs – Buy Here

Similar Bathroom Vanity –Buy Here

Mirrors Option 1 – Buy Here or Option 2- Buy Here

Pottery Barn Lights Above Mirror – Buy Here

Quartz Countertop: from Discount Granite Color: Glacier White

(Undermount Sink – rectangle – they bring with quartz)

Also remember you will need a slab as the Shower Base to outline the shower

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams: Extra White (Matte Finish)

Faucets: Delta Silverton Buy Here

Towel Set – Buy Here

Bath Tub Area

Rectangle Bottom Tub 67โ€ – Buy Here

3 Handle Tub Claw Faucet – Buy Here

Ceiling Medallion – Buy Here

Chandelier (has tear drop & beads) – Buy Here

Wall Mirror – Wisteria but is going out of business but here is similar – Buy Here

Toilet – Buy Here


From the Tile Shop

Tinos white straight (680541) 8×44 cm floor (3×17 in) (Shower Subway Tiles)

Similar – Buy Here

Similar – Buy Here

Carrara Gris 7.5 x 15cm (440745)

Hampton carrara pol small herringbone (shower bottom) 658497
Hampton carrara pol large herringbone (658498)
Pencil – hampton carrara somerset

Similar – Buy Here

Similar – Buy Here

*will also need a few extra pieces for the shower base*

The Shower Faucet – Buy Here

As mentioned above – need Quartz from Countertop to create Shower Ledge on the Bottom.

Need floor tiles for the base as well

Shower Glass is spectacular. Opted for space between glass for the door and the work was incredible. If in Columbus, Springfield, Dayton contact Above All Glass Came out quickly, measured and was installed in record time and was perfect at the time of install.

Quartz countertops were cut on site – Discount Granite sets everything up.

So what does this cost???

I have been asked exact amounts for my bathroom and it will always depend on what is being done….for example – if you have to change plumbing or remove bathtubs, rip out difficult flooring, rewire electric….I would estimate high because you always run into issues and unexpected situations. The bloggerโ€™s bathroom was over 60k and included marble and designer tub, shower, products – mine is a dupe and my goal was to be 1/4 of her cost or less. I achieved that. It also will depend on if the contractor is getting everything or if you are providing material. For me, I like to get everything and be as involved as possible; but not everyone wants to do this….so to figure out your cost…

If you priced out all materials – to figure out labor and unexpected costs multiply by 2.5 to be safe.

So if all materials (toilet, tile, countertop, glass) was 6000 multiply by 2.5 =$15,000 this will give you a guesstimate before calling a contractor out.

Questions? Just ask!

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