Pandemic Dating Tips – Why Dating Now is The Best Time

Dating has never been easier. Let me say that again… dating has never been easier. Dating during a pandemic may have been a slight blessing and let me tell you why.

Online profiles are a resume for dating. Use this as an opportunity to get what you want. Say it. Write it and Be Real. Think of yourself as a brand and what would the pic you are using tell about you? Your outfit? The location? If it’s not working for what you want, invest in you and write the profile or hire it done and get a photographer – put your best foot forward.

Swipe right – swipe left… like…don’t like…delete and keep looking.

When you have nothing to do…like no movie to catch, no friends to meet for dinner and no real vacation plans.. reality sits in. What is really important in life? What do you really want?

Everyone has a way to approach dating – apps, matchmakers, just lunch, blind dates, and friends. The dating life is like a job. Be attentive, listen, invest, and be selective.

The pandemic forces you to read, pay attention, and tend to what someone is saying. In the normal realm of dating, there are many distractions. There are the in-person interactions at a restaurant or a movie or hockey game are a distraction and can cloud what you know of the person. There are also the opinions of family, friends, and acquaintances who suggest – give it more time or this or that..

With a pandemic, there is not the clutter of others; no thoughts and opinions to cloud judgment – you are there to make your own decision. Since you are not hanging out with friends and family as much, the dating decisions are purely yours.

With the pandemic many dates are delayed because you are discovering and finding out – so zoom, google meet, phone, text, and chats allow for a conversation and ask difficult questions. Seeing someone on video allows you to see if their pic online was from 10 years ago, if they put on 10 pounds from profile pictures. If attraction is somewhat there, then over time- go in for the heavy hitter questions… you also have time to message a few people and interact on the phone, video, or by text or chat to see what you have in common. The weeding out process happens sooner and less emotion is involved when you are not having the face to face in person dates.

There are also certain apps for what you are looking for: Tawkify, Bumble, Match, Tinder, Hinge, And specific niche dating for example, farmers.

It is important to be true to you. If you gained some weight or have more wrinkles or whatever is happening, a good photographer can make you look more attractive. Basic clothing and casual looks fair well. Be confident in your skin and make sure to put your best foot forward.

There are thousands of profiles and you can feel like a member of an ebay auction. Advertise what you want and look for what you want.

Be transparent with your expectations and listen to what you are being told. If you do not like it, believe it and move on if you need to.

While getting to know someone ask the difficult questions – find out views on the things that might be harder to ask later when you are invested.

1. Do you ever see yourself getting married?

2. Do you see children in your future?

3. Are you married right now?

4. Have you had Coronavirus? And so on.

When it is time to actually meet, talk before about how you will handle the interaction. Due to Covid, what socially distanced location works well? What outdoor location is feasible? Then have the conversation about in person date. During the date, will you wear a mask? Will you maintain 6 feet apart?

Hopefully you have taken time to get to know the person and know their beliefs on Covid, life, and whether or not you want to spend more time with this person. Spend the time in the beginning to see if the foundation is there for more- whatever that is for you in your situation.

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