Kirkland Dupes at Costco – Best Products You Should Buy at Costco

Costco offers the Kirkland Brand and it can save you a lot of money. Many of the Kirkland products are private label from big brands. I have linked several similar or exact private label with brands so you can take a look on your own. Costco has confirmed some of these; some are speculated, and some are close. Hope this helps save you some cash!

Kirkland Signature Outdoor Socks v. Smart Wool

Kirkland has a high wool content – the weave is thick and I wear these socks (even though they are aimed toward men- size down for women) medium thickness and comfy! 72% Merino Wool, 27% Nylon, and 1% Spandex

Kirkland v. Roxbury Mountain

This Kirkland maple syrup is rich, real, and amazing quality. It is a higher priced grocery item – however no artificial flavors and not the high fructose corn syrup. Still much cheaper to buy Kirkland – about 30 an ounce cheaper. It comes in a plastic jug -gluten free – slight hint of molasses and it is large enough to last a year. Around $13.99

Kirkland Signature Shampoo v. Pureology

Kirkland’s shampoo and conditioner are absolutely amazing. It smells like Pureology and instead of $44 dollars it is much less to the tune of $12 – it is replenishes and moisturizes hair. Sulfate/ free and keeps my hair healthier, softer, and shiny.

Kirkland Facial Wipes v Neutrogena

I am a fan of Neutrogena; just not the prices. Kirkland’s has enough in a box to last me the year. They work on any skin type and do a great job of keeping my face clean – $15.99 for 180 and currently $4.00 off making it $11.99

Kirkland Wipes v. Pampers Wipes

My nephew is sensitive and these smell, look, and appear to be Pampers Brand – so yay for that. They are large wipes, have aloe and chamomile and do a great job. Around $5 cheaper a box. The price per wipe is $.02 and $19.99 per box. No Chlorine, Alcohol, Dyes, Parabens or Phthalates

Kirkland Aller-Tec v. Zyrtec

Okay… this is big money difference – Kirkland is 1/3 of the cost of Zyrtec. Package to package – appear to be the same. It is $13.99 for 365 tablets – it is important to note that the comparable Zyrtec at Costco is only 120 tablets and is

Kirkland Diapers v. Huggies

Another way to save a quick money – diapers appear to be Huggies in disguise. The size, quality is most aligned with Huggies. $35.99 Kirkland brand compared to $45.99 for Huggies.

Kirkland Vodka v. Grey Goose (same region, no collaboration)

I do not drink alcohol so I cannot say much on this – I have been told it’s close and for the 1/4 of Grey Goose price – worth a try! I would suggest that. Leave a comment and let me know

Kirkland Dishwasher Pods v. Cascade

Cascade is my go-to brand and Kirkland saves you about $10 between the brand and these Kirkland pods. Definitely add this to the cart. $11.79 for 115 count for Kirkland v. Cascade $22.79 for 92 count.

Kirkland Omeprazole v. Prilosec OTC

Medicines are definitely cheaper at Costco and the Kirkland cost is about 1/2 for this one. Kirkland Omeprazole is $11.99 (after $3.00 coupon) and Prilosec is $25.99 – both have 42 tablets.

Kirkland Batteries v. Duracell Batteries

The batteries are cheaper for Kirkland and that made the difference for me in choosing it over Duracell. A dollar here and a dollar there adds up quickly. Kirkland AA Batteries $16.99 and Duracell AA Batteries $17.99

Tuff Athletics v. Lululemon

I was not sure about these when I bought them. I am a believer and let me tell you .. $18 is a mere price of Lululemon leggings and these are thicker! Yep! Hands down a total win.

Kirkland dog food v. Diamond Natural adult food

The contents of the dog food appears to be the same and saves you around $8.00 for Kirkland brand – the bag $40.99 for 40 pounds

Kirkland Vanilla Extract v McCormick

Can I just say that Vanilla is expensive no matter what! It is pricey – Kirkland will definitely save you about $4.00 on this purchase

Kirkland Walnuts v Fisher

Due to my nut allergy, I will not be taste testing – however – the cost of Kirkland Walnuts is $11.69 for 3 pounds.

Kirkland Cooking Spray v Pam

This Kirkland Cooking Spray works well. I have used it since late December and have not noticed any difference between Pam and Kirkland. saved almost $3.00

Kirkland Organic Fruity Snacks v. Annie’s Organic

$5.00 savings here – Annie’s was right next to this box and it was an easy choice. It appears that all of the pouches and flavors were comparable – savings definitely a win

Kirkland AllerClear v Claritin

Almost a half price win here.. medicines in the Kirkland brand are a lot cheaper – $12.99 for 365 tablets

Kirkland Acetaminophen v. Tylenol

Kirkland Signature Rapid Release is $15.49 for 400 gelcaps!

Kirkland ibuprofen v Advil

The Kirkland 1,000 tablets is $12.99 – over $5.00 in savings!

Kirkland Chinet cups v Chinet

As you can tell, these are made by Chinet for Costco! A huge savings and brand recognized. $8.49 after the $2.00 coupon!

Kirkland Nut Bars v. Kind Bars

Kirkland Nut Bars are $.56 per bar and Kind Bars are $1.07 each. Kirkland Nut Bars $16.99 for 30 nut bars (Kind Bars are $21.49 for 20)

Kirkland Sparkling Mineral Water v Pellegrino

Anyone else notice that water is expensive? Kirkland water was $7 cheaper than the Pellegrino version. Still bubbly and still amazing.

Kirkland Medium Roast v Starbucks Medium Roast

The Kirkland Medium Roast is about $5.00 cheaper per box – definitely worth a try here. Starbucks $39.99 per box

Kirkland Trash Bags v Hefty

Trash bags – Kirkland was $2 cheaper than the Hefty option. $16.99 for 200 (13 gallon)

Kirkland Jelly Beans v Jelly Belly

These are actually made by Jelly Belly – this has been confirmed so save some cash! $16.99 for the container

Kirkland Ultra Clean v Persil

I have not used Persil Detergent however I have used the Ultra Clean detergent and it works really well. It takes care of stains and smells very fresh. $20.99 for 152 detergent pacs.

Kirkland Foodservice Foil v. Reynolds Wrap

This is made by Reynolds – so it is an easy win – $22.99 after $5.00 off. 1,000 feet. There is a lot so make sure you need this or if you have a few family members you could share this with.

Kirkland Craft Beer v Gordon Biersch

Kirkland craft beer is on par with Gordon Biersch – not sure they are the same but definitely comparable. Let me know in the comments your thoughts.

Kirkland Ice Cream v Humboldt

Kirkland Ice Cream is a great ice cream – the price is cheaper than the Humboldt brand.

Kirkland Purified Water v Niagara Water

Water is already expensive enough. Kirkland Purified Water is an excellent choice. 16.9 oz, 40 count

Kirkland Bacon v Hormel

Kirkland Bacon is $3.00 cheaper than the Hormel option.

Kirkland Cranberry v Ocean Spray

$7.99 is a great price for the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice. It comes with 2 Cranberry Juices.

Kirkland Protein Bar v Protein Bar

The Kirkland Protein Bar are $39.99 – 20 bars. These are about $2.00 a bar.

Kirkland Bourbon v Buffalo Trace

The price of Kirkland Bourbon is $19.99 and is a Jim Beam product.

Kirkland ProCare Formula v Similac

The Kirkland ProCare Formula is a 4 pack of formula. This $82.99 and price per oz is $.49

Kirkland House Blend v Starbucks

The Kirkland House Blend is a few dollars cheaper than the Starbucks brand.

Kirkland Tuna v Bumble Bee Tuna

The Kirkland Tuna is 8 count -7 oz – for $16.99

Kirkland Parmigiano Reggiano v Formaggio Zanetti

is a great and cheaper alternative to Formaggio Zanetti by $3.00

Kirkland Sparkling Water v LaCroix

The Sparkling Water is a few dollars cheaper than LaCroix.

Kirkland Chocolate Covered Almond v Blommer Chocolate

Kirkland Chocolate Covered Almonds are cheaper than Bloomer Chocolate.

Kirkland Tortilla Chips v Mission Chips

The price is not a lot between these Tortilla Chips and Mission Chips, but I prefer the taste of the Kirkland Chips!

Kirkland Real Mayonnaise v Hellman’s

Kirkland is a tad cheaper than Hellman’s. The taste is pretty close to the same.

Kirkland Triple Action v Movefree

The Kirkland Triple Action is a much cheaper alternative $22.91 for the bottle and $.21 per tablet.

Kirkland Chicken Stock v Swanson

Kirkland Signature Chicken Stock is $11.49 – there are 6 (32 oz) containers.

Kirkland Golf Balls v Cut Golf

The golf balls are $24.99 for 24 balls. This equates to $1.00 a ball – much cheaper than the alternatives.

Hope this has been fun!

Let me know your favorites!

– Heidi


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