Moving? What to Buy When You Are Buying or Selling a House

Whether you are putting up the house for sale or just moved in, painting is going to be part of the deal. This 5 piece set includes a brush, roller, 2 roller covers and a paint tray

5 piece set

I happen to use a pink tool set as a home renovator but another option that is not pink

Pink Option & Non- pink

Making cleaning easy with drill attachments can make scrubbing a lot easier

Drill attachments

And a wet/ dry mop for moving in or heading out… this makes cleaning a lot easier!

Wet / Dry Mop

As a frequent mover, I have found that trash bags double for trash and for easy moving of clothes and paper towels, toilet paper, towels, rugs… you get the point. these Glad bags smell nice and keep clothes smelling fresh even in storage!

Trash bags

Storage bins are great for kitchen plates wrapped in kitchen towels. Don’t overload them as it gets really heavy pretty quickly.

Storage Bins

As I have moved and moved heavy things around my house from dressers to boxes to a washer and dryer – this handy cart is one you need.

Handy Cart

A fire extinguisher 🧯 that does not cost a fortune and does not need recharged! Under $11, this is a must have.

Fire extinguisher

And last but not least… add this to the purchase list.

A portable smoke and carbon monoxide detector – this is a life changer. As a personal “almost victim” of carbon monoxide poisoning, I am a huge advocate – purchased a home – expensive, nice, and inspections were great – by chance, had one last furnace inspection from a previous home service plan and the detector from the service guy was going off before going to the basement. Long story short, we could have been a casualty – a new furnace and carbon monoxide detectors have been staples since. About a month after, down the road, a family was not so lucky – so please – if you do not have carbon monoxide detectors, make this important purchase today and save your family! I also take this on vacation (I remove batteries for the plane ride and then put back in)

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector & CO2 Vacation

Happy Moving!


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