End of Year Gifts for Teachers & School Personnel

Let’s face it… it has been a year. Your educators & School Personnel could use a pick me up heading into summer.

Here are some ideas that do not break the bank!

Succulent Gift Box

Currently $22

Thanks for Helping Me Grow Gift Card

$15 and up

A framed picture of the teacher and student or with the class is another treasure!

Bibliophile Notes and Notecards

Bibliophile Notes

Handwritten notes from students are among the most precious gifts. In my years of teaching, I still have every card and note. These are my most treasured possessions.


Hand sanitizers or sets with lotion are always welcomed. Nice lavender smelling hand sanitizer adds a beauty to the mundane.

Hand Sanitizer

Trust me… covid and sickness is not gone but at least your desk can look nice.

A candle or thank you candle also does the trick! Appreciation no matter how big or small is always welcomed.

$30 Thank You Candle

After the school year, here is a book that I have picked up for a few people..

Marie Kondo like read

One of other favorite gifts are the treasured class pictures and the ones parents captured during the year at an event or with students.

Set of 4 for $17

If you really have no idea what to get them or anyone on your list… the $12 float that makes everyone focus on the future and moving forward 😉

The float

Just remember it’s been a year… every bus driver, cool, custodian, teacher, aide, administrator is working hard to have a positive end of the year…don’t forget to acknowledge them.




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