Dating in Columbus: Episode 37: Cancel the Wedding

(From a friend)

So you meet Mr. Right only to find out before the wedding at the Bachelor Weekend that some stuff happened and his best friend told you everything…..with 72 hours before the big day.

Let me tell you that my girl Mollie was marrying Matty and had been together about 1.5 years… in Vegas … his best friend videotaped everything and showed Molls everything….

It turns out the best friend, Ethan, has always liked Mollie and couldn’t let her marry this guy and this was the only way she would believe him so he recorded almost everything and showed her 3 days before the wedding.

I got a call from Mollie who asked “what do I do” and in this case… I wanted to be honest yet kept my mouth shut and listened…. And cried with her.

When I asked Ethan- what made him snitch on his best friend he admitted – the why was selfish… he was always in love with Mollie and though he broke “bro code” he couldn’t live with not telling her.

Needless to say – Mollie and Matty had a knock down drag out … I will be honest… a few things were thrown and a few things broken…. I was there for moral support and helped pack up her things and started the returns to the wedding guests because this was a mess.

All of the money was spent – Mollie invited a lot of us to come and eat on the wedding day; took her mom on her honeymoon and made the best of a terrible situation.

When she arrived at the destination – two days later … with a bit of my encouragement – Ethan made a trip to see her … and guess who got married 6 months later??

Yep.. Ethan and Mollie 😊 When things don’t work out, sometimes they work out a lot better…

Fast forward a few years.. they have 3 kids; Matty is still living single life and obviously Ethan and Matty have nothing to do with each other…. Ethan and Mollie ended up with a great marriage and a better story.


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