Dating in Columbus: Episode 36: What You Don’t Know Can Kill You

Dating is not for the faint of heart. To be honest, I am almost to the point of hanging it up all together. I have tried about everything and when I get close to someone they do something that makes me not trust them.

I went to Bumble and swipe swipe swipe… left…and left…..and went out tonight and met some friends.. when one of my friends shared with me the Facebook Group: Are we Dating the Same Guy

So of course … must know more… so it’s pretty epic… you type in a guys name to search and everyone who has been named comes up. Completely brilliant… you can also just post the pic online…

The red flags, the concerns, and the criminal record, police reports are there – this is goes beyond my Spokeo, Background checks, social media, google search, and court checks on criminal records… learned that protection orders only show if someone violated them.

You can just read the crazy with pics and all of those people who dated the individual and what they had to say… it is truly brilliant.

Sometimes people say things but most people are just posting factual information/ police reports/ and spilling the tea.

I searched for a few people- thankfully none of mine were on the crazy reported chain. It was surprising the things I read:

– criminal record sexual assault

– guys using different names (middle or first name) depending on the girl

– served time for kidnapping and domestic violence

– charged with sexual crimes, is hiv positive; listed in court documents

– threatened to kill me, threatened to kill himself

– beat me up – pics included with police report

– was dating 2 girls while married to the person who posted

– got a girl pregnant and was married

– sends naked images to a lot of people

– tried to tie me up, went to police, report taken, has multiple other people who report similar

– politicians son; domestic violence with 4 women

– lied about age by 8 years

– lies about everything including family

– states he has 4 kids; he actually has 9 from 2 women. Says he has to go to Florida for work – he goes because is other family is there

And so on…

I don’t understand the games, the lies, the double lives; women empowering women sharing the double lives / the games / and now game recognize game.

Cincinnati and Columbus – watch out if you are playing the girls… empowered women supporting each other ❤️


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