Dating in Columbus: Episode 35: Are We Dating the Same Guy?

I am taking some mindset classes at work and love it… I said in one of the classes “my life is great; my personal life is a train wreck”

After class, I had 3 people walk up to me after the session was over during the day and remind me that my personal life is really amazing except for one aspect… my partner in crime… and it was 100% spot on. My life is truly a good one… it’s clearly not perfect, has a lot of detours, speed bumps, and scars from the crashes yet I do take it in stride… I do get back each time and I continue on with hope and optimism.

Sometimes I am not my best self. I reflect on the dates where I was the problem. It was me. And I also reflect on the two way street.. the part when I am down, someone lends a hand and vice versa .

There is power in growth, recognizing the mistakes, the land mines and the excitement in moving on with your life. Coming into this weekend, I was filled with such joy and happiness and Friday morning a series of unfortunate circumstances happened and the rest exploded on what my weekend was planned to be….

When one door closes…. When things went crazy and south, the window opened with text messages about my birthday; upcoming dinner plans, hang out times, and a lot of validation of my life and where it is heading.

For whatever reason — the disaster that took place Friday morning turned into a lot of reflection, a lot of rest and Saturday opened new doors and possibilities.

I got a call Saturday morning from a former colleague that just filled my cup, numerous text messages/ calls/ dms from family, friends, former students, colleagues and invites for dinner and hanging out later that same evening.

I try to remain grateful and show gratitude daily and on a regular basis. As my weekend didn’t go as I planned – it ended up actually a lot better… Saturday family lunch, dinner with friends, meet up with friends at The Barn, and stopped by a friends on the way home… and Sunday dinner with entire family.

After dinner Saturday, a friend asked if I wanted to go to Europe and booked it for June… and got a text from a close friend who will be in Europe around the same time and may be able to meet up. And scheduled 2 additional dinners this week with friends.

When one door closes – windows open. Remaining open for good …

At The Barn with friends last night and one of my friends told me about a site “are we dating the same guy” – so let’s get to the exciting stuff..

So the premise is a smart one …Next Episode


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