Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 29: Your Wife?

(Another friend story)

Josie has had a few interesting experiences and we trade stories from time to time. She met Shane about 2 years ago. She met him in a bar and was going through a separation from his wife – was wearing a ring and was obviously off limits.

Overtime saw him a few times but never really had a conversation. Fast forward a week ago.. she runs into Shane .. no ring on and asks him – so what’s up now?

He said “we split up” and it’s over. Josie was like I am really sorry you had to go through that – she knew he had 2 little kids and was sad to hear that they split.

They talk and he asks for her number – Josie said I will be back tomorrow and give you my number if we run into each other again….

The next night .. he shows up … and they chat for a few hours. She gives him her number. He messages and schedules a date for the next night…

They agree to meet up and she is excited about the date. They are on the date and a phone calls comes in and he hops up from the table .. their first official real date… and low and behold… says “my wife is in labor”

Wait… what? Are you kidding me?

He said he was lonely and she is on the way to hospital to have our third ….and I have to go..

Josie called me to say… can you believe this crazy? Like what do you do?

This guy was married… lied to me… and his wife is about to have a baby and she has no idea that he asked another person on a date… Josie blocked him. He reached out on social media and apologized – she did feel better about that but … wow.

Unreal and surreal experiences…. (Shaking head)

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