Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 28: You Asked Me to Stop By

(This is a story from 2 weeks ago from a friend of mine)

Josie was on her way out to meet some friends after work. She got a text from Ninja who happens to a guy who has a black belt in martial arts. They have been talking for weeks.. and hanging out.

His text goes something like this…

Ninja: What’s up

Josie: Meeting friends shortly

Ninja: Thought you might stop by after work.. when I got home – you weren’t there

Josie: Um, I didn’t know you wanted me to stop by whenever

Ninja: Can you stop by before meeting your friends

Josie: I can probably make that work… maybe 10?

Ninja: great – see you in a minute

Okay, so that was the text exchange. She knocks on the door and he comes to the door and says:

Ninja: I didn’t think you would actually stop by; I have 10 minutes and headed to Pickerington

Josie: By your text you wanted me to come by so I told my friends I would be late and now you are bailing?

Ninja: Don’t ditch friends for a “so called better option”

Ninja: I have to get going..: nice to see you

Josie was like…what just happened – like what, how, is going on? Like what universe am I living in?

After talking with her, it seems he had no plans until he did. He got a better offer and was out – to the point of being really rude and hurtful.

Obviously Josie deleted his phone number and blocked him.

This is dating in Columbus…. In a decent relationship….remember to be kind… invest daily … the grass is definitely not greener on the single dating front.

Next episode… Your Wife???

Song for this episode: Don’t stop


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