Best Winter Outfits to Copy

Good Morning, everyone! I decided to share a few fun winter outfits that are easy to copy. I will share details and sizes to help. Many pieces you will already have in your closet!

sweater dress (medium) booties (8) belt, scarf

sweater dress (medium) booties (8) belt, scarf

This outfit was a fun Burberry dupe with basic style choices that are easy and most likely already in your closet! Recycle ♻️ and save!

plaid jacket (large) wrap dress (large) booties.

plaid jacket (large) wrap dress (large) booties.

This is a great winter staple as well as a Spring transition piece. The dress is off the shoulder and the plaid coat is stylish on its own and paired with pink is just better.

Be Kind Sweatshirt & joggers -(medium) leggings (wearing large) tennis shoes hat

Who else lives in joggers or leggings? I have become a huge fan of both with covid. I wear jeans a few times a week but this outfit is mostly how you will find me! Anyone else like this??

hat jeans (8) turquoise sweater (large) boots

This is just one of those everyday outfits that work for me. I like jeans, boots and a comfy (usually oversized sweater) and a hat. The beanie hats are one of my winter staples.

boots jeans (8) sweater (large) long cardigan (large) hat

In the winter, I sometimes fight wearing coats so sometimes it becomes a double sweater outfit. This is a sweater with a long cardigan over it – paired with a hat – hats are just how I operate in the winter.

Perfect Dress (large) booties

Everyone needs a dress that can be worn, packed, pulled out, and makes life easier. This dress is the best. It is easy to wear and does not wrinkle and hides imperfections so you do not have to worry about lines!

leather jacket (12) , sequin top (medium) , jeans (8), hat

Jeans and leather jackets – almost reminds me of high school for a minute. The leather jacket look is one to invest in – everyone can pair it with jeans, dresses, skirts, or pants!

sweater (large) beanie, jeans (8) bootie

As Saj and I were snapping this picture – I thought we might get hit by a car. Thankfully we got out of the way in time…I wonder if it was a joke or if given the chance, they would have hit us – because we were in the road. Hope you have a good heart, make the obvious choice in situations like this (and not hit people) – Have a great day!

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