Best of Amazon Kitchen Edition

As we approach summer and Mother’s Day here are a few ideas to add to your cart.

1. Oven Mitts

These oven mitts are perfect for avoiding getting burned with putting in or pulling out dinner. I love the color options and have found that these have helped me avoid many burns on my hand/ arm. Silicone and has a grip so that glass does not slide out of your hands.

2. Silicon Oven Rack Guards

The 2 pack oven guard rack is silicon and is placed in the oven before you start cooking. It prevents you hitting your hand on an extremely warm tray. These are easy to attach – stretch over the end piece.

3. Microwave Cleaner

This 2 pack is perfect to share! One for you and one for someone else. For less than $11 it is the easiest way to clean a microwave – add water, vinegar, and lemon juice – put in the microwave for 5-7 minutes and wipe down.

4. Foldable Cutting Board

This cutting board is small and folds to put the items chopped in a pot. Really is a convenient kitchen tool.

5. Kitchen Colander

This Colander is collapsible and adjustable over the kitchen sink. Comes in a variety of colors. Easy to use and easy to rinse. Great space saver.

6. 7 piece utensil set

Included in the 7 piece set is a cheese grater, garlic press, pizza cutter, peeler, whisk, can opener, & ice cream scooper. Several colors available.

8. 5 Piece Utensil Set

This set includes a spatula, tongs, spoon, spoonula, and whisk.

9. Pro Slicer

This is a great slicing kit for vegetables and fruits! Interchangeable pieces that allow for different size chopping

10. 243 Cursive Labels for the Pantry

243 cursive labels that go on jars and containers in the pantry. Love the script and looks amazing! Labels for most commonly used items

11. Nesting Measuring Cups & Spoons

Love organization in a kitchen and things that stack, can be organized, and match! This is a great set to make of these things a reality

12. Dish Cleaning Set

This set of kitchen cleaning is amazing! Huge fan of the pink and have it under my sink. Perfect for cleaning my bowls, the sink, and the counters – even helpful before losing the dishwasher!

13. Kitchen Utensil Holder

This is one of the best ways to organize silverware! There are two options – the small and large and both are amazing! Hands down one of my favorite amazon purchases!

14. Egg Cooker

This is a great buy to cook eggs easily and efficiently! I love hard boiled eggs and eat for breakfast often – great for that quick breakfast to go!

15. The Grip Jar Opener

I was at a friend’s house and saw this under the counter and gave it a try with a jar and it was the coolest idea .. more like, why didn’t I think of that? Add to cart!

16. Waffle Maker

I love deals and this is another one. Get 2 for the price of one…so think about who you will gift the other one to! Great for breakfast or late brunch – fun to make for dinner!

These are my favorite kitchen items over the past 2 months! Remember the upcoming birthdays, Hallmark holidays, and weddings! These are some of the best finds – tried and true!



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