What to Pack for Hawaii – Amazon Shopping List Below

Packing can seem like a daunting experience however, I find it super fun!

First, let’s start with the travel basics! I update my Amazon Store Often -click here to see My Amazon Travel Items

Let’s start with my favorite items and check out the link above for additional items.

1. Pool Floats – 2 for 1 deal here

2. Packing Cubes (mine are in Cactus)

3. Travel Hangers

4. Collapsible Bottle

5. Laundry Bag

6. Smoke Detector/ Co2 Detector – Take out batteries before packing

7. Soap (especially at the beach)

8. Sunglass Holder (4 pairs)

9. Shoe Case (3 pairs)

10. Plastic Travel Bags

11. Small Containers

12. All in One Carry On

13. Travel Recovery Tag

14. Perfume Carrier

15. Scale for Luggage – Portable

16. Drink Carrier (holds 2 drinks)

17. All in One – Alleyoop

18. Sanitizer Bracelet – (work or travel)

19. Cosmetic Bags (2)

20. Tech Kit for Plane

21. Hotel Room Security Alarm

22. Pillow & Blanket Travel Set

23. Luggage Cover

24. Jewelry Carrier

25. Electronic Storage

These are all items I purchased or have purchased on Amazon for this trip!

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