What is Dreamscape?

Dreamscape’s Virtual Reality platform combines Hollywood story telling with full body tracking technology that allows you to explore a world that makes you feel completely immersed.

Dreamscape is a company that has investors like Steven Spielberg so you know it is going to be epic! Currently partnering with AMC, the Dreamscape experience is one of the best adventures around.

So, where can you do Dreamscape? Dubai, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Columbus, Ohio!! Columbus, Ohio is an amazing place and we are typically a test market for companies – 14th largest city in the United States…

For $20, Dreamscape offers 3 experiences currently – they are experiences where you are completely immersed through story telling and action.

So – think of this as a movie experience that meets a travel theme park. You book your ticket (max 6 in a party) and you select an avatar per experience and sign a waiver.

You will then hang out in the boarding area until your flight is ready to go. Then you are taken to a pod where 6 lockers are where you “suit up” – sensors go on both of your shoes, both hands, backpack, and headset.

Foot sensors and hand sensors on

After getting suited up, you walk into a room where you place your feet on footprints and wait for the experience to start. For the next 15 minutes, your life will become epic and when I looked around, all I saw were images of avatars that were so real and honestly felt real.

This is an experience – one where I felt like I had “accomplished” or “done” something – in my life.. hiking Torres del Paine, flying over Victoria Falls in a microlight, jumping off the Stratosphere in Vegas, walking with lions in Africa, and this would rank among these real experiences.

I really cannot describe the experience other than to say… RUN and check it out.. it was worth every penny and if I had to fly to give this a try, I would definitely make the trip. I am planning on going to Los Angeles to see “How to Train Your Dragon” which is not in Columbus at the moment.

It is time to go in and get started

The Dreamscape Experiences at AMC Easton

1. The Blu: Deep Rescue

Below the surface lives the largest creature on Earth: the blue whale. These majestic giants once ruled the oceans, but now they need our help. Venture deep beneath the waves to a research station, where you’ll join an elite team of divers on an urgent quest. Power up an AquaScooter and maneuver through shipwrecks, ravines and circling marine life to help reunite a family of whales. Soon you’ll discover that in an ocean full of wonders, the blue is the most wondrous of all.

2. Alien Zoo 

For the first time ever, the IWF is inviting humans to visit the Alien Zoo. Come take a breathtaking tour of a wildlife refuge in space, where the IWF has gathered an astounding assortment of lifeforms from the far corners of the universe to save them from extinction. Come face to face with endangered species from across the galaxy. Some friendly. Some ferocious. All rare and wondrous creatures.

3. Curse of the Lost Pearl: A Magic Projector Adventure

Deep in the jungles of Mesoamerica, the Temple of the Snake God rumbles with anger. You’re on a quest to find the lost pearl, but intruders are not welcome here. The legendary jewel is protected by a deadly curse, and the temple will do anything it can to protect it. Do you have the wits, luck and courage to complete your mission and make it out alive? There’s only one way to find out. Switch on Lavan’s Magic Projector and step into this action-packed adventure, where you become the hero of the story.

After we finished!

Overall, Dreamscape is an incredible experience and totally worth the $20. Above, I listed the order I would recommend seeing them – with the best… (Curse of the Lost Pearl) last. Leave any questions below!

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