Upcoming Tik Tok Challenges To Talk With Your Child About & a Warning to School Personnel

September: Devious Licks: Vandalizing School Bathrooms

October: Smack a teacher on the (bottom)

November: Kiss your dude’s girl at school

December: Deck the halls and show us your (rhymes with halls) in the school halls

January: Jab or grab a girl’s chest.

February: Destroy school signs

March: Make a mess in the cafeteria or courtyard (food fight)

April: Grab some eggz (steal / theft)

May: Ditch Day (female dog name) skip class

The Tik Tok Challenges in the month of September destroyed bathrooms across America. From stolen toilets to breaking paper towel dispensers to stealing soap dispensers to totally toilet papering the bathrooms- many schools had to close restrooms for sanitization and for lack of soap, toilet paper and in some cases… toilets. A few less common situations involved pulling a fire alarm and stealing the teacher’s desk. There has been a lot of news coverage from superintendents to school districts to parents on social media talking about it.

So what is this Tik Tok Challenge stuff?

Kids post about their event – they videotape evidence of “destroying a bathroom” or stealing something and hashtag it.

For september popular hashtags included: #deviouslicks #stolensoapdispenser #stolentoilet #destroyedrr #tiktokchallenge #schoolname

This “catch me if you can attitude” with their name, face, and tags all over the crime committed.

The problem is that this is not innocent – this is vandalism and it is causing issues… the upcoming months ahead – of smacking staff to food fights to showing or grabbing body parts will definitely get some people in trouble.

Talk with your child about these challenges and remind them that you can get arrested, you can get charges filed against you, and you can be removed from school.

Even if acts on on tiktok are “popular” work with your child to understand that this is not appropriate behavior and it will get you sent to the principal’s office and most likely a visit from the police department.

Those school personnel reading this, be aware of the tik tok challenges and educate your class on the consequences of committing such acts.


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