Tales of Coronavirus from the Lens of an Educator and a Physician: Part 3

Anyone else losing track of time? I sit here writing and thinking of where the days are going…oddly enough – clicking on to May…..so I have gotten a lot of requests for the next update…so here you go..

B was working in the ICU and it was a busy week leading up to Spring Break. During an ICU rotation – he works Monday through Friday and works on the weekend. Many times there are 25 or more patients that he sees on a daily basis. I would classify his most recent ICU week as a bad flu week (similar stress, similar patient loads)

The past week was Spring Break and B had planned a week off – thankfully social distancing has helped keep the load at the hospital down and he was not called in. He spent a lot of time in online meetings but got a little bit of a break.

This week B is back working in the hospital and it is busy….not overwhelming but busy. There is still a shortage of PPE – they have new gloves per patient and they have masks but not a new mask per patient….still a major shortage. Thankfully Ohio is currently riding it out with uncertainty; uncertainty if the curve is flat, going to stay flat, or if it will change as things reopen. Happy that on this front, there is not a lot to report. Thankful and grateful….we all want everyone to be okay and for everyone to resume life but slow and steady will be imperative to not cause a major spike.

Life is definitely different. B goes to work, works, changes at work, comes home and leaves everything in the garage: scrubs, shoes, etc. Social distancing spaces are in existence at the home also. We have both been exposed and both could be asymptomatic so to keep the other safe – we treat each other like we have covid – it might be a bit weird but we take our own temperatures and do everything to stay safe and healthy.

We both know people who have Covid or know someone once removed who has been hospitalized. It is scary and doing our part to avoid it and stay safe.

On the news today – the conversation about Transparency-transparency is important and reports from hospitals and nursing homes of covid patients and infected workers – is important. Hopefully – this data will be shared.. On the news tonight, Ohio State reported 80 nurses have been infected – many are calling for all hospitals to report.

When you have Covid or you have been exposed – you should let people know and stay home – quarantine yourself and keep others safe. Companies should notify employees when employees have been infected.

Early and aggressive Ohio social distancing has played a huge part in keeping the health care system not overtaxed.

As things may open, it is important to keep social distancing, wear masks and follow the guidelines given. It is imperative that if you are sick, you stay home and seek help if needed but do not contaminate others and ignore it.

Testing is still a sore subject as there are still issues with getting a test- a few people have gotten the runaround …hopefully this will continue to improve. Emirates Air is now blood testing before you board a plane…

Stay safe friends – and Please Wash Your Hands

Thanks for reading!

– Heidi


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