How to Easily Upgrade Your Bathroom and Increase the Value of Your Home!

When it comes to adding value to your home; bathrooms and kitchens are the way to elevate your style! Today, going to share a few easy ways to increase the value of your home and upgrade your bathroom!

1. The Vanity! Combining function with style, the vanity is a central piece of furniture that defines the look and feel of your bathroom.

Consider updating your vanity to increase the value of your bathroom. It’s easier to install than you may think. Traditional, contemporary, or modern styles; it’s easy to find a vanity that works for you.

I have used them in several of my own houses as well as my renovated homes.

The Vanity by Ariel Bath

2. Shower / Tub! If you plan to upgrade your shower, keep these points in mind. Quality – choose quality fixtures that are rust resistant and will stand for years to come. When it comes to design, think about the tub; the size and quality of a luxury tub! Ariel Bathtubs have been used in many of my previous houses and renovation projects!

Ariel Bath Tub

3. Toilet! A toilet is a toilet! Actually not, so many choices and preferences! Some even coming with remote control features and automatic flush! Can upgrade for eco friendly toilets that have small usage.

4. Extra Things to Consider. Makeup mirrors, towel warmers, floor heaters, and matching hardware are details that matter!

5. Investment! Making your house feel like a home is critical. Estimates show that renovating or upgrading your bathroom can definitely help sell a house!

If you are looking at upgrading your bathroom and add value to your home – start with

Ariel 67” Platinum Tub
Ariel Cambridge 73 inch Double Rectangle Vanity

Ariel Bath has a wide variety of bathtubs and vanities along with additional shower and bath needs. Take a look!

This blog post was in collaboration with Ariel Bath!

Let me know if you have any questions!




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