Dreamscape is the Perfect Columbus, Ohio First Date or Perfect Date No Matter!

Who doesn’t love an excellent first date? One that is memorable, interactive, mind blowing and has elements of talking, distraction, and conversation?

This is it! Hands- down, epic and amazing! Plan to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled departure time, the experience is around 30 minutes, and then time to check out Easton by walking around, sampling ice cream, ending the date, or continuing on to dinner! More on this in a minute!

Dreamscape is an immersive virtual reality that is far more than a movie and much more interactive than any virtual reality I have participated in! Combine Stephen Spielberg, Dreamworks and Disney Imagineering executives and you know this is going to be out of this world! (Trust me!)

I have done all 3 experiences in Columbus a few times and each one is unique and amazing in its own way. (Los Angeles, Dallas, New Jersey, Geneva, Riyadh, and Dubai have these experiences also)

A little bit about the experience… you will need to purchase tickets before you arrive (you can buy if they have something available but book ahead if you can), you will decide on your avatar when you check in, wait for your boarding time, and then you are taken to a room where you gear up.

Gear goes on your feet, hands, and head. You are taken into the virtual chamber where it is dark and you line up with footprints! Googles on, speaker pads over your ears and stand with your arms at your sides.

The world you knew is now disappearing and you can now interact – walking, moving, and engaging like you haven’t done before!

The three experiences:

1. TheBlu: this experience is fun… think snorkeling, underwater scooters, and saving whales! I don’t want to give too much away!

2. Alien Zoo: this is experience allows you to interact with the dinosaurs and petting one! This experience has elements of excitement, a bit of scary, and jaw dropping views! Can’t give away too much!

3. Curse of the Lost Pearl: this is my favorite! Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones. It is intense – filled with Jumanji challenges and obstacles!

I went into Dreamscape wondering if $20 per person is worth the adventure and I would definitely pay more for the experience! It is similar to Disney or Universal Studios and not like anything you have experienced at either park!

Love to hear if you have been and what was your favorite??

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