Dating in Columbus: Episode 43: I am Back…

After a long sabbatical and tons of messages to return .. I am returning with entertainment, advice, and life lessons. Enjoy – at my expense 🤣

When you think you have life figured out, in comes a curve ball and you can choose to hold on or drag it out and sometimes you know .. it’s just time to cut the cord.

That time usually comes after this:

There comes a time when every woman reaches her limit. She grows weary of the constant disagreements, the endless back-and-forths, and trying to grasp why she’s being hurt. When she hits that moment, things change for you. She becomes indifferent, no longer feeling anger or resentment, just an overwhelming sense of nothingness.

And life in some weird way continues on and on…

I feel like an episode of He’s Not That Into You.. because the one you love is either non-committal, is dealing with residual effects or aftermath of some other person, or simply they don’t like you long enough to renew another month… simple and to the point.

I was talking today to several people in their 40s and 50s and all have eerily similar stories and atrocities of life. The hair salon is a great place for random conversations… Like I want to be married and have kids .. and one of my friends is like – that a hard no for like 70% of our age group because they already had kids and don’t want more … and then you get the other group where their kids take up 95% of their time – it’s like you cannot win.

On the phone yesterday talking with a different friend – mind you a guy friend who said “um if he wanted kids, he would already have them – you might need to go younger”

It’s not the first time I have heard this information – it is apparently and unfortunately true. I could get upset or I could laugh… and I chose the latter..

So in these situation – it calls for the TikTok Craze – find your soulmate …

So – to be clear – your soulmate does not need to be the person you are to marry. This could be a person that ends up your bestie, short term, long term, or can be someone you end up with forever …

This is my soulmate according to the psychic

This is supposedly by soulmate. Know him? I don’t … so .. you can laugh … and if you know this dude – let him know – Heidi is his soulmate lol 😂

Humored for a minute weren’t you? I mean – if it’s on TikTok – it must work – riiiight?

Spoken with a lot of friends on the concept of soulmate and I am definitely humored so – if you know this guy… let me know 💜 I want to meet him and hopefully he isn’t a serial killer or on America’s Most Wanted …

Next episode – Cherry Blossom 🌸


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