Dating in Columbus: Episode 23: Date at Costco?

Okay… okay… okay… I do love a good deal at Costco and I love unique date options…. Costco has not been on my date list until now…

So chatted with a guy on Bumble for a bit and suggests we meet at Costco, go through it and grab food and possibly a hike or walk after depending…

I have tried almost every restaurant I wanted in Cbus by choice or by a date so I am open to ideas… remember Smooth Criminal even wanted to go to church and an Italian restaurant – if it wasn’t for the criminal record – probably would have gone!

So, we agree to Costco … I am thinking the guy – Dirk will be smart enough to not go at peak Saturday time, but hey we have a winner here… 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon with the sun shining and it’s 82 degrees – riiight.

So, we meet at the cart location – I was able to get a cart because I brought one with me from the cart station – wasn’t sure the actual name…

He stood there waiting on a cart and refusing to take mine. I needed 2 items. Anyway, after 10 minutes of listening to him whine.. he proceeds to say he left his card at home.

I have mine in my most used card pile so I pull it out and we go shopping… so it’s loud.. it’s a warehouse.. how much talking can you have?

Proceeds to tell me that he is going to a party and needs to pick up the items for the party tonight… are you kidding me?

So, he is talking and can’t really hear anything he is saying – double wide carts at Costco are annoying to every person in the place so I go behind him…

Then literally becomes like street racer… in Costco.. going aisle to aisle… speeding .. running over children .. not really but it was not good…

Anyway, very little talking and him piling a million things in the cart… so it’s time for check out…he races to be in front of me… and then says I don’t have my card and I said – they can look it up and then….. the truth comes out…

He doesn’t have a membership and needed the card… gotta laugh… I did and of course that was the end of seeing that guy.

Though he did offer a $1.50 hot dog and drink and churro …

Living my best life here… living my best life..

To be completely honest, it was gutsy on his part and you have to laugh… I did for awhile after this date… I mean… wow…

At the time, Costco was offering discounted memberships but why get one when you have a date with a Costco membership. I thought back and looked over messages to see if I had ever mentioned having a Costco card and I did not mention it so I guess based on proximity made that assumption.

Anyway, as you stroll Costco … do think of me on a street racer path zipping in and out of aisles and dealing with Dirk. It was funny .. looking back – probably one of the more humorous experiences.

So he offer to go for hike or a walk but did mention it had to be a quick one because he had milk and eggs – he lucked out with me because I told him – it was getting late in the afternoon and I should go home…. It was 2:45 pm.

I unmatched this guy and a week later he messaged on social media – I didn’t realize this was you… and I would like to do the first date over… and take you lunch or dinner.

This is when I could use my ghosting or ignoring option but politely sent a message letting him know that I appreciated him reaching out but going on a date to use me for a Costco Card was funny, appalling, and downright cheap… so thanks but no thanks.

And so … on to the next!


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