Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 18: Catch Flights not Feelings

In this life, we get so many choices and yet with a large pool of men in the greater Columbus area – there should be at least a few amazing candidates – right?

Who doesn’t love the Flight Attendant? Funny and utterly hysterical with all the twists and turns and if you need a show to watch – HBO Max – it is super funny ….

Of course with the chance to go out with a pilot, why not?

I arrive at a downtown swanky locale for this date to meet Vin Diesel’s doppelgänger minus huge muscles – he is running late which is not exactly stellar for a first impression and proceeds to give the line:

Pretty girls are always 10 minutes late so I figured I had a few … first off, don’t flatter yourself and act like you know me.

I find it rude to place any girl in a category without actually knowing her and to blatantly show up late assuming pretty girls are always late. #narcissism

Okay, so putting aside the Vin Diesel vibes, the comments, let’s listen and see if he is just unaware of himself and what he says.

As we discuss the past relationships and his current situation – he is 47, never married, never engaged, and nothing beyond 3 years. Can I get a red flag 🚩 here?

He starts off with … I am 47 and really want a family. Okay, perhaps the realization has hit you or it is a way to pick up the ladies… and tells me he dated a woman who is 54 who couldn’t have kids and he knew this but dated her for 3 years – so there are so many things here and thoughts…

-Like… this woman has kids – don’t walk in and out of their life

-She was clear she couldn’t have kids – don’t play her

– then after 3 years he said he felt resentful of his contributions to their relationship – financially, emotionally, and mentally.

Goes on to tell me he has a high Emotional IQ – apparently this should make up for the lack of intelligence… goes on to talk about recently moving to a big city, living in an apartment, and going out every night.

So words and actions… yeah these things don’t go together. So, it appears everyone has a story… we get to the jest of the story – he talks of the suburb life until you discover, he actually had it and has abandoned it for the new city life and proceeds to tell me that the new city he has moved to has tons of women.

So… why am I here? Whyyyy did I decide to leave Netflix and my couch for this? In all seriousness, the date I had the day before looks even better. Never forget the value of comparison… sometimes .. it helps.

The pilot was definitely a hard pass… will definitely stick with catching flights and not feelings 😂


Take the good with the bad… eventually something has to work out right?

Song: Meet Me At Our Spot

Next Episode: Wrong Box Under the Christmas Tree


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