Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 14: Gated Community

One of my friends shared this dating experience and I promise it is a good one.

So, you go online and you look at hundreds of pictures and in an instant make a decision – yes or no. Swipe… swipe…and swipe

My friend Sarah was talking to a guy on a dating site (she didn’t mention which one) and the guy would be online different times of the day and not for really long. It wasn’t consistent.

The description of Jamison was dark hair, semi long, rides a motorcycle, lives near a lake, has property in southern Ohio and moved closer to Columbus and his property is gated due to changes over time with safety. Quickly they formed an online relationship of messaging and looking forward to the next day’s thoughts… she described it as a pen pal or a best friend of sorts.

Sarah spoke fondly of Jamison and how Jamison spoke of trips hunting and fishing and growing up boating and how family was so important. Sarah asked about his schedule and life and something stood out to her; notoriously not online too late at night.

She asked and he said he got up early and didn’t have time to stay up too late. After a few weeks of chatting and discussing things – he asked her about meeting.

He was about 25 minutes away and lived in a gated community. It was a far cry from the pond he had on his property in southern Ohio and now there were a lot of people so where he lived was enclosed.

He provided and address and set up things for her to go to him.

One would question about meeting someone at their house verses a public location – his car was in the shop so if she wanted to see him, she would have to go to him.

So she typed in the address he gave her… and it registered….

Routed her near a prison and then it dawned on her…. He was in prison. He was a prisoner and could not be online all the time because.. he was in prison.

So yeah… she hopped back online and it turned out – he was in for 3 years – and apparently depending on the crime you can have online access – not sure you are supposed to be a dating app, but yes… all kinds of awkward.

So, she unmatched and no longer talked with him. Honesty probably wouldn’t have had a different outcome in this case. While there are reasons and sometimes people can make mistakes, again… not judging… this didn’t come from a place of honesty which really was a turnoff for my friend. When someone doesn’t tell the whole truth or part of a truth.. it is like a lie….

Sarah did tell Jamison that she felt betrayed and didn’t like a relationship built without trust. She told him – I would have had to go in the main doors to even see you so why would you not tell me… I was going to figure it out.

Part of Sarah wondered if he was just playing a game, just wanted a visitor, or was just seeing how this would turn out.

Next episode….. That Did Not Go As Planned

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