Dating in Columbus: A Series: Episode 12: Did I just see your girlfriend on TikTok because it looks like your place?

Dating apps are ridiculous. Combing through the piles of crap can get exhausting. I have never cleaned out the stalls of a horse barn but it seems like it could be similar.

On a random note, In my life, I was always really good at matching and finding lookalikes of high end things and less expensive options. As a kid, I could play Memory or any similar games and win almost every time. This skill as a child came in handy with my experience of Shane. Here we go!

I was combing through profiles and looking at everything they post.. Are there pictures of travel, selfie, or out with friends. Each picture provides a piece of information about the person you are potentially interested in.

I check out TikTok Videos on occasion and some are funnier than others. This particular morning, I looked at this TikTok video of a girl I will call Kaylee and she was doing the standard – get ready with me…GRWM

There was a guy (Shane) on Bumble who had messaged a few times and similar backdrop as this TikTok video and it started to make me think…

The picture that Shane posted was a picture in front of his newly remodeled kitchen. The TikTok video with Kaylee was in the same kitchen…


I went back to Bumble and compared the TikTok and yes, it was a match. This guy was out looking for a relationship and yet had a girlfriend who was literally in house in the kitchen making videos or so I suspected.

Of course I want to look at TikTok more and trying to identify what the deal is – maybe they broke up, maybe it’s a roommate, maybe it’s his sister – there are a lot of plausible what-ifs.

There are also lots of categories to find what you are looking for: not sure, casual, relationship, marriage, friends so even if you are in a relationship but want to meet friends – it’s possible so why the deception?

The guy (Shane) messaged me on Bumble asking about my relationships and sharing he has never really had a serious relationship at 40 (red flag 🚩) and (after watching Tik Tok has had this girlfriend for a few years) She posts often with his shirts on and oh by the way, he was on TikTok the next day with her.

I know sometimes things get posted later and sometimes it is hit and miss but really dude? One of the Tik Toks posted a cake of 2 years to forever for them… there was also the kisses and jokes between them posted.

Detective Heidi didn’t message on Bumble for a bit (almost 6 days) and each video (daily) had her in the kitchen, getting out of bed, in the living room with their dog..

I did Dm her and she has yet to respond. I did message Shane on Bumble and sent him the screenshot on TikTok of them together and her in his kitchen and said – you don’t deserve her.

I was then “unmatched” – it just makes you aware that you have to be careful, aware, and I am not sure how this girl would know her guy is on Bumble but my heart goes out to her.

Anyway, I don’t know how he was going to juggle another girl with this girl seemingly living most days at his house. You think about Lifetime movies, all the crazy psycho movies where people go missing, and yes, I wonder what this guy really planned….

It also makes me question online dating and creating an online dating with a true background check FBI/ BCI to be allowed on the site ….

Next episode The Widow -Part 3

Song for this episode: Dance


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