Best Graduation Gifts

Wallet Charge Card

Every graduate needs this in their life! Small enough to be in your wallet and charges your phone quickly in a jam. Currently less than $50!

Charge Card

The graduate is going to have to clean a dorm room, an apartment or take care of the floors where they live. All in one – mop and vacuum under $80! Comes with solution and pads.

All in one! Vacuum & Mop

When it is time for going out or going to a venue – purses are no longer allowed. This $15 bag is a Lululemon dupe and is great for carrying the essentials.

Other colors available

Hair styling for the graduate on the cheap! Under $50! Dyson Dupe!

Hair Styling Tool

The cart for everything! Kitchen, makeup & hair dorm room, bedroom, office cart.

Amazing Cart

Dorm or house fun chairs that are $138 for 2.

Fun chairs

A few appliances are nice to have that make life a tad bit easier.

Waffle maker for $13!

Mini waffle maker

A fun size fridge under $150


Another option is the see through fridge

Beverage Fridge

Another item that works well in a dorm or elsewhere is an air fryer – also reheats food!!

Air fryer

Workout Desk – never have to leave your room while catching Netflix or studying for an exam!

Bike desk

A new backpack for school


A photo printer that prints phone pics! Memories and happiness!

Phone Printer

Amazon Gift Card

Every graduate is going to need things and Amazon just makes it easier!

Amazon Gift Card

A necklace to remind you of the path you are on!

Graduation Necklace

A bracelet that helps remind you when in doubt!


A box of goodies and off to college you go!

Graduation Basket

For the high school or college graduate, here is a beautiful necklace that has the date of graduation!

Graduation Necklace

Hope this helps with graduation shopping!




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